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Folding is a fundamental aspect of poker strategy that involves forfeiting your hand. While it may seem counterintuitive to discard your cards, making correct folds is crucial for long-term success in the game. And the folks at WPT Global have shared some tips on folding strategies.

Correct folds save you from losing additional chips on losing hands, preserving your bankroll and minimizing losses. Folding also allows you to have as good a stack as possible for when you have stronger hands which can help maximize your potential for profitable situations.

By making astute folding decisions, you avoid unnecessary risks, reduce the impact of variance, and maintain a disciplined approach to the game. Ultimately, the ability to make timely and accurate folds separates skilled players from those who consistently make costly mistakes.

Know Which Hands to Fold Preflop

In poker, folding ranges refer to the range of hands that a player is likely to fold in a given situation. It is an essential concept for both analyzing opponents' tendencies and making strategic decisions regarding your own hand.

When considering folding ranges, several factors come into play, such as:

  • Starting Hand Strength: The inherent value of your starting hand is a crucial factor in determining your folding range. Simply put, you want to fold your weaker hands and play with stronger hands instead.
  • Position: Your position at the table influences your folding range. Players in early position, who act first, need to be more selective of their starting hands as there are plenty of players still to act. Conversely, players in late position, who act last, can widen their opening ranges due to having more information.
  • Action and Betting Patterns: The actions of other players, such as bets, raises, and re-raises, provide valuable information about their hand strength. If there is strong betting action indicating a high likelihood of strong hands, you may need to make tighter folds. If you have a pretty hand such as KQ, for example, you may need to fold preflop if three-bets and four-bets have taken place before your turn to act.

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The Danger of Playing Bad Starting Hands

Playing bad starting hands in poker can lead to several dangers and negative outcomes. Firstly, weak starting hands have a lower probability of improving and winning the pot, putting you at a significant disadvantage right from the start. This increases the likelihood of losing money in the long run.

Secondly, playing bad starting hands can get you trapped in unfavorable situations. Weak hands often require luck or perfect conditions to win, which may not materialize. This can lead to costly bluffs, calling bets with minimal chance of winning or being forced to fold to aggressive opponents.

Additionally, playing bad starting hands can impact your table image and credibility. Consistently entering pots with weak hands signals to other players that you lack discipline or understanding of poker strategy. This can lead to opponents exploiting your tendencies and targeting you for larger bets or strategic moves.

When Can You Play Bad Hands in Poker?

You can widen your opening range in poker when certain favorable conditions are present, such as being in late position, having a large chip stack relative to the blinds, observing passive opponents, or detecting a general tendency for players to fold too often. These factors indicate a higher likelihood of success and provide an opportunity to play a wider range of starting hands profitably.

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