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CoinPoker exclusive tournaments on PokerNews

PokerNews has teamed up with CoinPoker to offer 200,000 in CHPs for free! Find out how to sign up.

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  • Total Prize

    A share of CHP 200,000
  • Date

    Dec 10 - 28, 2017
  • How to qualify?

    The PokerNews CoinPoker freerolls are open to players who have the password to each tournament. Passwords will be released on the day of the tournament.

The future of online poker has arrived! CoinPoker is a brand new cryptocurrency-based poker platform that recently sold out its Pre-ICO in only six days. As promised, the new poker room will now give away 15% of the tokens collected, and it's happening sooner than expected!

On Dec. 11, CoinPoker is launching freeroll tournaments where you will be able to win CHP 5,000,000 tokens, also known as "CHIPS." That accounts for 5% of the tokens collected so far.

CoinPoker will be hosting dozens of daily tournaments, running every half hour. That means 48 tournaments a day, every day, for four straight weeks! In addition, there will be exclusive tournaments ONLY for PokerNews players. In order to play you'll need to visit this page for the password on each of the tournaments, so check back on these days and compete for prizes!

PokerNews Freeroll datePrizesPassword
Friday, Dec. 15 15:05 ET50,000 CHPspokernews2017
Friday, Dec. 22 15:05 ET50,000 CHPscoinpoker
Friday, Dec. 29 15:05 ET100,000 CHPswinner2017

How Do I Play?

It's easy. All you need to do is log in to your account and sign up for the freerolls! No buy-ins whatsoever. If you don’t have the CoinPoker app yet, you can download it here.

How Does it Work?

CoinPoker made some changes to its operations in order to make these freerolls happen. Beginning Dec. 8, all play money games were removed from the app in order to switch to CHP games. Then, on Dec. 11, the servers will be reset and all players’ balances will be corrected to zero. From that moment you will be able to start your CHP bankroll! By 11 a.m. the servers will be turned back on and CHP games will start! You will be able to start winning CHP immediately.

The first 5% of the CHP token freerolls will be distributed through the first four weeks. The remaining 10% will go back to the community in 2018. That means the prize pools and the number of players on the site will continue to grow.

Why is CoinPoker the Future?

CoinPoker a new cryptocurrency based poker room that aims to change the way online poker operates. It uses blockchain to increase transparency with the ultimate goal of bringing fun back to poker!

For more information about the exciting new site and how to sign up, visit CoinPoker today. And then be sure to come back for the PokerNews-exclusive freerolls in December!

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