WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event 6: $300 Ladies Deep-Stack NLHE Reentry
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Sarah Wasch 2,450,000 750,000
Wendy Rubin Busted
Teresa Sexton Busted
Katya Grishakova Busted
Olga Petrovskaya Busted
Svetlana Gromenkova us Busted
Valerie Novak us Busted
Karen Harris us Busted
Gina Saladino Busted
Shana Madura Busted
Erica Davis Busted
Maria Krebs Busted
Corina Lupascu Busted
Alida Veliu us Busted
Ella Price Busted
Christine Hirsch Busted
Leslie Sewell Busted
Cherish Andrews us Busted
Diane Shamshoum Busted
Ekaterina Rodkina Busted
Pat Knoll Busted
Jeanette Sims Busted
Thu Bui Busted
Kim Zarra Busted
Karen Perez Busted
Cecilia Garrander Busted
Dawn Wilno Busted
Stephanie Hubbard us Busted
Nancy Martin Updated
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Angie Gambone Updated
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Megan Milburn us Busted
Katie Stone us Updated
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Kim Edmonds Updated
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Sandi Phelps Busted
Alex Goldberg Busted
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