Event 1: $2 Million Guarantee Big Stack NLHE Re-Entry

Event 1: St. Nick

Nick Guagenti (Seen Here in Another Tournament Series) is Among the Leaders Late on Day 2

Nick Guagenti is one of the more experienced players left in today's shrinking field, as the tournament pro has booked more than $470,000 in lifetime earnings.

Despite plummeting to just under 225,000 less than an hour ago, making him one of the shortest stacks in the room, Guagenti showed the perseverance that separates the professionals from the rest of the pack.

Guagenti patiently grinded his small stack back to the realm of respectability, simply surviving until a momentous clash of premium hands catapulted him to near the top of the leaderboard.

According to an obviously facetious Guagenti, he "played the hand like an expert," having woke up with {A-}{A-} while two players shoved with {A-}{K-} and {k-}{k-} respectively. The rockets held up over big slick and cowboys, pushing Guagenti over the 3 million chip plateau late on this Day 2.

Player Chips Progress
Nick Guagenti us
Nick Guagenti
us 3,150,000 1,700,000

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