partypoker US Network Online Series

2020 partypoker US Network Online Mini Series

Event #11: $50 GTD NLH

Players Info

Entries 154
Event #11: $50 GTD NLH
Day 1 Completed

"dbrossj" Wins 2020 partypoker US Network Online Mini Series Event #11: $50 GTD NLH


The latest partypoker Online Mini-Series Event has just wrapped up, and the winner "dbrossj" managed to earn over 52 times his original buy-in of just $0.25, taking home $13.03 for his victory.

"dbrossj" started the final table third in chips, and stayed there until he scored back-to-back knockouts of "Hammer55" in sixth place and "Monkee" in fifth place.

Event #11 Final Table Results


When "dbrossj" got heads up, he was trailing "bkh873" by a deficit of 2:1. However, in just two hands, "dbrossj" would go from short stack, to victor. First, he would make top full house, and picked off a bluff attempt from "bkh873." On the final hand, "dbrossj" would get lucky on the river when he counterfeited the two pair of "bkh873."

Congratulations to "dbrossj" on his victory, and don't forget that tomorrow is the final day of the series, with Pokernews providing coverage of the $2,500 Guaranteed Main Event, as well as the Day 2 finals of the $10,000 Guaranteed Phased Event!

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"bkh837" Eliminated in 2nd Place ($9)


On the very next hand, "bkh837" would get his final chips in on the turn, and he was in great shape to score a double up to get right back into the chip lead. However, "dbrossj" was able to catch a king on the river to counterfeit the two pair of "bkh837", giving "dbrossj" the pot, and the title.

Stay tuned for a full recap to be posted shortly.

dbrossj 1,540,000 530,578
bkh837 Busted

"dbrossj" Doubles Into the Chip Lead


Following a flop of {k-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{8-Hearts}, "dbrossj" checked to "bkh837", who bet 12,000. "dbrossj" check raised to 30,000, and "bkh837" called to see the {k-Diamonds} hit the turn. "dbrossj" checked again, and "bkh837" fired 61,000 this time. "dbrossj" would check raise again to 165,000, and once again, "bkh837" would call.

The river brought the {q-Hearts}, and "dbrossj" thought for a while before betting 210,000, leaving himself just 60,000 behind. "bkh837" would move all in, only to see "dbrossj" roll over {k-Spades}{q-Diamonds} for the top full house.

After that pot, "dbrossj" now leads with over one million chips.

dbrossj 1,009,422 459,711
bkh837 530,578 -444,711

"JohnDubb55" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($6)


"JohnDubb55" was just eliminated in 3rd place, thanks to an unfortunate river against "bkh837." "JohnDubb55" would get his final chips in with King-Queen, and he was up against the Ace-Four of "bkh837." The flop of {k-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} would give "JohnDubb55" the lead for the time being, but after a deuce came on the turn, the {a-Hearts} would complete the board.

This gets us heads up, with "bkh837" holding a nice lead at the moment over "dbrossj"

bkh837 975,289 249,890
dbrossj 549,711 178,500
JohnDubb55 Busted

"RUShore" Eliminated in 4th Place ($4.50)


"RUShore" had managed to get his stack up to over 130,000, and he looked to be in great shape to double up and get right back into things, when he got pocket jacks in preflop against the {a-Spades}{4-Diamonds} of "bkh837."

However, "bkh837" would flop a straight draw, and hit that draw on the turn. "RuShore" had just one out to double up, and that wouldn't come on the river, giving "bkh837" the elimination.

bkh837 711,461 120,252
RUshore Busted

"Monkee" Eliminated in 5th Place ($3.25)


Action folded to "Monkee" in the small blind, and he limped in. Big stack "dbrossj" raised to 21,000, and "Monkee" moved all in for 77,000 and change. "dbrossj" quickly called with pocket queens, and he was dominating the {a-Clubs}{7-Hearts} of "Monkee." No help would come for the short stack, and just like that, there were only four left.

dbrossj 444,336 74,666
Monkee Busted

"Hammer55" Eliminated in 6th Place ($2.67)


All of the money would go in on the turn in this hand, with "Hammer55" holding two pair with his eights in the hole. However, "dbrossj" had already made a full house, meaning "Hammer55 would need another eight or ace to win the hand. A jack completed the board instead, and "dbrossj" took the big pot.

dbrossj 370,170 102,852
Hammer55 Busted

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