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2017 Cash Game Festival Malta

2017 Cash Game Festival Malta

Tristan Chevalier and Petteri Vanhapelto Dominate 2017 Cash Game Festival Malta

Tristan Chevalier & Petteri Vanhapelto

The 2017 Cash Game Festival Malta at Casino Malta by Olympic Casino was a big success both on and off the poker tables. Players came from around Europe for five days of nonstop cash game poker action from June 14-18.

Each day during the festival, Brandon Allen hosted two televised feature tables. A variety of co-hosts that were invited to keep him company. The only time Allen wasn't in the booth was when he was on the feature table himself, and he showed his fans he also knows how to win on the poker tables booking the second most profit on the table.

Two players in Finland's Petteri Vanhapelto and France's Tristan Chevalier both won two televised feature tables. While each player individually was one feature table win shy of setting the most feature tables won during a festival with Italy's Federico Drassich (CGF Slovenia - March 2017) and Norway's Knut Rysstad (Gibraltar - May 2017) winning three times, they did set a combined record for the first time more than one player has been the biggest winner on multiple feature tables within the same Cash Game Festival.

Many of the activities away from the poker felt were out of this world and dubbed to be the best ever at a Cash Game Festival. Players raved about the VIP dinner which was held at a private home that housed in huge enclosures white lions, baby tigers and cougars, parrots and many other exotic animals.

Also getting praise were the catamaran trip around the Mediterranean Sea and the VIP Pool Party on the 19th and top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel. What makes the Cash Game Festival different from other poker festivals is that players are able to attend all activities as it is easy to take a break from the poker action and get back to the tables after the activity is over or the next day.

Many players that have attended previous festivals have developed a feeling of family with others. Among the returning players were Betsafe Ambassador Monika Zukowicz, Niklas Blomqvist (who celebrated his birthday during the festival), Michael Fletcher, Sin Menis Melin, Jack Fenton, Veli-Matti Puumala, Trumulis, Dusan Hajek and Petteri Vanhapelto.

With Malta being the home of many gaming companies, many in the industry found it easy to attend including Betsafe Head of Poker Michael Robinson, Nordicbet Head of Poker Jostein Grødum, Betsson Poker Manager Marika Nowak, Head of Poker Eirik Thorvaldsen and Poker Coordinator Lars Erik Isaksen.

This concludes the PokerNews coverage of the 2017 Cash Game Festival Malta. Next up is the turn to Sunny Beach, with the 2017 Cash Game Festival Bulgaria taking place at Platinum Casino from Aug. 9-13. Head to the Cash Game Festival website for more information about the festival and to register for the TV and side tables.

Kane Micallef Wins Big on Final Feature Table of the Festival

Kane Micallef

Malta's Kane Micallef was the biggest winner at the last feature table of the 2017 Cash Game Festival Malta after banking approximately €300 in profit.

After the stream, Micallef, who is a professional soccer player for a Maltese club, shared he has aspirations of playing for a bigger club. This won't stop his desire to continue to get his feet wet in poker as he hopes to play more as time allows.

Welcome Back Jack

Joining Petteri Vanhapelto and Brandon Allen in the booth is Cash Game Festival Regular Jack Fenton.

While Fenton skipped the last two stops in Tallinn and Gibraltar, before that he attended seven straight Cash Game Festivals. This now makes it his eighth stop on the tour.


Kane Micallef's Path From Soccer to Poker

Kane Micallef

Malta's Kane Micallef, who is currently competing at the feature table in Seat 6, is a professional soccer player that also loves playing poker.

He wasn't always into poker his entire life. In fact, he can thank an ex-girlfriend for that passion even if their passion for love fizzled out.

I started playing some freerolls on Ultimate Bet because of an ex-girlfriend from Sweden who use to work at the company and told me about the site," shared Micallef.

Although both Ultimate Bet and his relationship with his then girlfriend both no longer exist, his love for poker has continued to grow.

Micallef is a competitor by nature and had a close call for a huge payday after navigating a huge field of around 900 players in the Malta Poker Cup.

"Perhaps my biggest achivement playing poker was when I took 19th place in huge field in the Malta Poker Cup two years ago," Micallef said.

While the 19th place prize awarded €1,870 or a bit lower than the €48,155 awarded to the eventual winner, Ukraine's Roman Skudar, Micallef was able to prove to himself he has what it takes to compete on both the soccer pitch and the poker felt.

Players Switch Spots on Last Feature Table of the Cash Game Festival Feature Table

Cash Game Festival Malta

The last feature table of the 2017 Cash Game Festival Malta has just kicked off with the stakes at €1/€2 no-limit hold'em. You can check out the coverage on the Cash Game Festival Twitch website and on PokerNews by clicking on the Live Stream tab in our coverage.

Current Cash Game Festival Commentator Brandon Allen and last year's Cash Game Festival Malta Commentator Petteri Vanhapelto were the two biggest winners on the first table and now are headlining the commentary.

Betsafe Ambassador Monika Zukowicz, Finnish comedian and poker player Veli-Matti Puumala and birthday boy Niklas Blomqvist moved from the commentary booth to compete on the feature table.

Another player to keep your eyes on is France's Tristan Chevalier, who is attempting to be the biggest winner at the feature table three straight times to tie a record with Norway's Knut Rysstad and Italy's Federico Drassich.

Malta's Kane Micallef, Poland's Marcin Krzan and Finland's Tommi Verkasalo are all among the players on the feature table hoping that they dash Chevalier's hopes and become the big winner themselves.

Second Big Win for Petteri Vanhapelto

Petteri Vanhapelto

Finland's Petteri Vanhapelto, who lives now in Malta, was the biggest winner on the first stream notching in a profit of nearly €600. Not too far behind him was current Cash Game Festival Commentator Brandon Allen.

Vanhapelto, who was the Cash Game Festival commentator last year in Malta, has now been the biggest winner at the feature table two separate times during this festival. He will not be attempting to tie the record as he plans to join Brandon Allen in the booth to commentate the next stream.

One player that will be attempting to tie the record on the next stream is France's Tristan Chevalier. He shared that he would like to be part of history after learning last night he was one away from tieing the record.

Cash Game Festival Commentator Brandon Allen Doubles Twice

Brandon Allen

Brandon Allen is on a roll on the €1/€2 no-limit hold'em feature table. He bought in short, but now has a bunch of chips.

He first doubled up when he got in about 45 big blinds with pocket tens against ace-king. About 30 minutes later, he doubled up again when he called an all-in bet on the turn with the board reading {8-}{7-}{6-}{8-}. Allen was holding pocket queens and got a hold against nine-two suited when the {7-} completed the board on the river.