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Petyo Andonov in Action!

Petyo Andonov

The first feature table of the final day of the festival is about to begin with stakes at €1/€3 no-limit hold'em.

Bulgaria's Petyo Andonov, who has been commentating the feature tables with Henry Kilbane, will take a break from behind the microphone to have a little fun at the tables in Seat 6.

Fellow Bulgarian Kiril Kochov, who won a free package at the last Cash Game Festival in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is also at the table in Seat 1.

Karol Masarovic (Seat 4), Andrea Lengo (Seat 5), and Janar Kokk (Seat 8) have all made a return to the feature table after appearing at past festivals.

Rounding off the table are Juraj in Seat 2, Matus Gabzadil in Seat 3 and Mateo Malapele in Seat 7.

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