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It Was Estonian Jesus Day on Day 4 of the Cash Game Festival Bratislava

Rauno Tahvonen

It was Estonian Jesus Day on Day 4 of the Cash Game Festival Bratislava at Banco Casino Bratislava as Unibet Poker Ambassador Rauno "Estonian Jesus" Tahvonen was the biggest winner at both feature tables in two different poker variants.

Making this feat even more impressive is that Tahvnon is primarily a tournament player.

At the first feature table with stakes at €5/€5 pot-limit Omaha, Tahvonen booked a tidy profit of €1,158 (231.6 big blinds).

The line-up changed as did the game to €5/€5 no-limit hold'em for the later feature table. The Unibet Poker Ambassador was able to book an even bigger profit in the two-card game of €1,610 (302 big blinds).

Although Tahvonen had a day to remember at the Cash Game Festival, he won't be collecting the trophy that is awarded to the player that wins the most big blinds during any of the 10 feature tables during the festival as he will be heading home to Tallinn in the morning.

David Lappin
David Lappin

Currently, it is fellow Unibet Poker Ambassador and The Chip Race podcast producer David Lappin in the driver's seat for the trophy. On Day 2, Lappin won €4,162 or 832.8 big blinds at a €5/€5 pot-limit Omaha feature table.

Lappin shared with PokerNews that he won again at the pot-limit Omaha feature table today but not as much as Tahvonen. During the hold'em feature table, he joined Cash Game Festival Head of Media Henry Kilbane in the commentary booth. PokerNews will interview Lappin live on Facebook before the feature tables begin tomorrow to discuss the festival and much more.

In addition to Lappin and Tahvonen, many others have won big thus far in the festival. Here is a look at the biggest winners at the first eight feature tables during the Cash Game Festival Bratislava.

Here is a look at the biggest winners of the first six feature tables of the Cash Game Festival Bratislava.

Cash Game Festival Bratislava Feature Table Winners

DayPlayerGameProfitBig Blinds Won
Day 1Peter La Terra€2/€2 PLO€1,506753.0
Day 1Youness Barakat€1/€3 NLHE€23377.7
Day 2Henry Kilbane€1/€3 NLHE€380126.7
Day 2David Lappin€5/€5 PLO€4,162832.8
Day 3Kevin Malone€1/€3 NLHE€29698.7
Day 3Tomas Baramyai€5/€10 NLHE€1,965196.5
Day 4Rauno Tahvonen€5/€5 PLO€1,158231.6
Day 4Rauno Tahvonen€5/€5 NLHE€1,610302.0

The action was also big away from the feature table with many different games at different stakes. It is expected to pick up even more as many players at 11 p.m. headed off to an epic VIP party at The Great Bratislava.

Stay tuned at PokerNews as there is still one more exciting day to go at the Cash Game Festival Bratislava.

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