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2018 Cash Game Festival London

The Second to Last Feature Table Begins

Angus Dunnington
Angus Dunnington

Elliot Hay, in Seat 1, is a 22-year old aircraft engineer. Despite his young age, he has some experience under his belt as he has been playing poker for eight years.

Stefan Dimitrov Bratanov, in Seat 2, is a software developer by day and has been playing poker since 2014. He last appeared on a Cash Game Festival feature table when the tour last visited the British capital in September.

Betsafe Ambassador Monika "HeyMonia" Zukowicz, in Seat 3, was on the women's only feature table yesterday. She was the big winner for awhile but after a bad run of cards she wound up more or less breaking even at the table. She is hopeful she can do better for herself and her many fans this time around.

Henry Charles Kilbane, in Seat 4, is a 23-year old professional poker player. Both Kilbane and Zukowicz have been to enough Cash Game Festivals in the past to be considered members of the ever-growing Cash Game Festival family.

British sales executive Alireza Safarabadi, in Seat 5, admitted he hasn't play much poker lately. However, he does have experience thanks to been playing the game since 2006.

Software developer Duncan Higgins, in Seat 6, attends every festival when it visits Aspers Casino and has been on the feature table countless times in the past. He has also served as a cohost and might join the commentary booth for the last stream of the festival taking place at 9 p.m.

Angus Dunnington, in Seat 7, is a 32Red Poker ambassador. He appeared at the feature table on Day 3 along with two other 32Red Poker players. In addition to being adept at poker, Dunnington is also someone to be feared on a chess board as well.

Rounding off the table is sports trading analyst George Sandford in Seat 8. He is friendly with Kilbane with the duo both handling the commentary during yesterday's early feature table. They know each other well and don't be surprised if they play hard at each other.

You check out each hand on a 20-minute delay on the televised feature table on the Cash Game Festival Twitch channel and within our PokerNews coverage by clicking on the Live Stream tab.

Breakdown of First Nine Feature Table Winners of the Festival

David Newson
David Newson

The festival began with David Newson dominating the first televised feature table after winning £1,424 or almost 285 big blinds in £2/£5 no-limit hold'em.

Sam Miller took things to the next level by winning £5,775 on a £2/£5 pot-limit Omaha

DayPlayerGameProfitBig Blinds Won
Day 1David Newson£2/£5 NLHE£1,424284.8
Day 1Sam Miller£2/£5 PLO£5,7751,155.0
Day 2Jakub Stozek£1/£2 NLHE£398199.0
Day 2Jon Kyte£2/£5 PLO£4,260852.0
Day 3Alasdair Alexander£1/£2 NLHE£463231.5
Day 3David Clarkson£5/£10 NLHE£2,655265.5
Day 4Mick Smith£1/£2 NLHE£474237.0
Day 4Caroline Cove£1/£2 NLHE£12462.0
Day 4Jon Kyte£5/£10 NLHE£6,500650.0

Will Sam Miller Big Win on Day 1 Be Good Enough to Win the Trophy

Sam Miller
Sam Miller

Welcome to PokerNews' live coverage of the final day of the 2018 Cash Game Festival London at Aspers Casino.

During the first four days, players enjoyed around-the-clock poker action along with many events organized by the festival including kicking things off with welcome drinks. Other activities included exercise at a trampoline park, a group dinner and competing during the VIP beer pong party. Today players are enjoying a guided city tour in one of the most unique areas of London in Camden Town.

Currently, there are six tables in action with many more likely to come as the day turns into the evening. Yesterday's poker action included many familiar names including Jon Kyte and Cat Winch-Johnson.

As was the case during every day during the festival, the first televised feature table today will feature a £1/£2 no-limit hold'em affair at 6 p.m. GMT on a 20-minute delay before the table switches up to £2/£5 pot-limit Omaha.

Ryan "Metalface" Davey
Ryan "Metalface" Davey

Ryan "Metalface" Davey will once again be leading the commentary with a handful of guests popping in and out. You will be able to check out the action on the Cash Game Festival Twitch channel and in our PokerNews coverage under the Live Stream tab.

For the fourth time, the Cash Game Festival has been hosting a feature table contest where the player that wins the most big blinds during a single feature table will win a commemorative trophy and a hospitality package to the Cash Game Festival Bratislava at the Banco Casino on April 4-8.

Going into Day 5, Sam Miller is in the lead after impressively winning £5,775 on a £2/£5 Omaha table or 1,155 big blinds, There will be two more chances today for this score to be beaten. In addition, Jon Kyte has a chance to enter the Cash Game Festival history books with one more big feature table win and tie the record for most feature tables won during a single festival.

The PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be providing updates with some 2018 Cash Game Festival London highlights of action on and off the felts throughout the day. Coverage of the poker action will begin around 5:00 p.m.

2018 Cash Game Festival London
Day 5 Started