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2018 Cash Game Festival London

Jon Kyte and Terry Jordon Are Back

Jon Kyte

The £2/£5 pot-limit Omaha feature table just kicked off headlined by action-player

While many of the other players at the table are familiar to Cash Game Festival fans, one that will be a new face is American Arie Juliusburger in Seat 1. Juliusburger is not only making his first Cash Game Festival feature table experience but also playing in front of the lights and camera in general for the first time.

Local action player Terry Jordon, in Seat 2. Jordon is known for his charisma and for his dislike of folding any hand preflop regardless of the bets in front of him. The last Cash Game Festival he appeared multiple times with friend William Kassouf which led to a bit of a social media battle between the duo.

Lithuania's Ernestas Romeika, in Seat 3, isn't what we would classify as a tour veteran, however, he is now making back to back stops after also appearing at the feature table during the last Cash Game Festival in Tallinn in November.

Cash Game Festival regular James Simms is now making his fourth Cash Game Festival appearance. This is the third time Simms is visiting the festival at Aspers Casino which is nearby where he lives. This doesn't mean he isn't willing to travel as he also took a poker vacation to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria when the Cash Game Festival visited Platinum Casino in August.

Norway's Jon Kyte, in Seat 5, will go down in history as the first-ever Cash Game Festival trophy winner when he snagged on the last time the festival was in London in September. More recently he had hundreds of thousands of reasons to celebrate after lifting the trophy in the partypoker Nordic Poker Championships after winning the event for €240,000. He shared with PokerNews that he has his eyes on another trophy for his collection during this festival.

Poland's Bartosz Konopacki, in Seat 6, has been playing poker for four years and is now making his first Cash Game Festival feature table appearance.

Local player Parvis Tafreshi, in Seat 7, is also making his first feature table appearance. He shared he likes any starting hand in it that includes tens.

Sam Miller, in Seat 8 looks like he has been playing poker for a while, but shared that he has been only been playing for six months. He had his poker face on so we are not sure if we are being bluffed or not. He also shared that being on the feature table today is to date his best poker achievement.

Ryan "Metalface" Davey will once again be handling the play by play with guest commentators popping in and out of the booth. You can check out the action by clicking on the Live Stream tab in our coverage or by heading to the Cash Game Festival Twitch channel where you can also join in the chat.

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