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2018 Cash Game Festival Tallinn II

Black Friday Straddles?

Aigars Dambrans

Over on a €2/€2 pot-limit Omaha side table, Cash Game Festival regular Aigars "Mr. Vilson" Dambrans tossed out a straddle of €3.

A normal straddle is €4 and sometimes a poker room will let players round it up to €5. A €3 isn't normally even legal.

The illegal straddle bet was pointed out by Mr. Vilson was ready with a response.

"It's a Black Friday straddle," said Mr. Vilson with a smile.

It is indeed Black Friday today meaning there are discounts available everywhere.

Franke bellowed out a huge laugh and the rest of the table joined him. The straddle size is now legal but only for today as the straddle sale is only valid on Black Friday.

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