EPT Online 13: $10,300 6+ Hold'em [6-Max, High Roller]

"FaNjkEEE" Spikes Ace on River and Doubles Through Greenwood

AnthonyThompson • Level 9: 0-0, 1,400 ante

"FaNjkEEE" open-jammed for 87,320 from the hijack and Lucas "YRWTHMELTHR" Greenwood isolated from the cutoff.

"FaNjkEEE": {a-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}
Lucas "YRWTHMELTHR" Greenwood: {q-Clubs}{q-Spades}

It was a classic race with "FaNjkEEE" looking to connect with either of their overs but the {6-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts} flop was no help.

The {6-Hearts} turn double-paired the board and "FaNjkEEE" needed any ace or king to double-up or a ten or six to chop.

Luckily for "FaNjkEEE", their prayer was answered as the {a-Spades} appeared on the river securing their double-up.

Player Chips Progress
UA 183,040 93,640
Lucas "YRWTHMELTHR" Greenwood CA
Lucas "YRWTHMELTHR" Greenwood
CA 56,597 -94,120

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