Live Events 4
$10,000 Main Event

Jensen Back in Action

Greg Jensen (from the Super High Roller final table)

Fresh off of a sixth-place finish in the Super High Roller for $286,200 just a short while ago, Greg Jensen has taken his seat in the Main Event.

Unfortunately for him, his Main Event hasn't started very well. We picked up the action with the board reading {A-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} and about 10,000 in the pot. Jensen checked it over to his opponent who bet 6,000. After a few moments, Jensen clicked it back to 12,000.

His opponent was quick to move all in and Jensen folded his hand after about 10 seconds, leaving himself with about 6,000.

Player Chips Progress
Greg Jensen us
Greg Jensen
us 5,900 -24,100

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