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Crowe Doubles Through Ivey

Jason Somerville filled us in on the details of Owen Crowe doubling through Phil Ivey.

Ivey opened preflop and was raised by Crowe form the next seat. Action folded back to Ivey who called, resulting in an {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs}{5-Clubs} flop. A check from Ivey led to a bet of 6,000 by Crowe, which Ivey popped to 17,000. Crowe re-raised all in and Ivey called with {K-Clubs}{Q-}. Crowe had a lot of outs to fade with his {A-}{A-}.

The {6-Clubs} hit the turn to give Ivey a flush, but a {5-} landed on the river to fill Crowe up.

Chip Counts
Owen Crowe 130,000 58,000
Phil Ivey 42,000 -72,000

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