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Asija Bubbles, 18 Remain

Abhinav Asija

Chris Klodnicki raised to 12,000 from middle position, then it folded to Abhinav Asija in the small blind who pushed all in for 56,000 total. The action back on Klodnicki, he didn't act right away, noting to Asija that he had a big hand but wasn't slowrolling. Finally after a short think Klodnicki called.

Players from the other two tables began to edge toward the table to see the hands. Asija had {10-Hearts}{10-Spades} while Klodnicki showed {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}. The flop came {5-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{K-Spades}. "Yes," said Asija at the sight of the ten on board, giving him a set.

But Klodnicki had picked up a gutshot to Broadway, too. The turn was the {8-Hearts}, and Asija was still safe. Then came the river… the {J-Clubs}! "Ooooohhh," came the collective cry as players reacted to the doubly painful way Asija had both lost the hand and missed the money.

When asked afterwards, Klodnicki explained that when deciding whether or not to call Asija's shove he was also thinking about how he'd liked for the bubble to have lasted longer. He does enjoy a huge chip lead at present, with his first-place stack about twice that of his nearest competitor, Daniel Wach.

There will be a brief pause before play continues. There's about 16 minutes left in the level, and once that passes play will be stopped for the night.

Chip Counts
Chris Klodnicki 1,150,000 60,000
Abhinav Asija Busted

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