26-H: $300 NLHE [Super Tuesday SE], $40K Gtd

Event Info

Prize Pool $59,640
Players 213

Players Info - Day 1

Players Left 1
Entries 213
26-H: $300 NLHE [Super Tuesday SE], $40K Gtd
Day 1 Completed

"iConvert13" Takes the Crown and $11,630.98 in MISCOOP-26-H: $300 NLHE (Super Tuesday SE)

2021 MISCOOP-26-H Results
2021 MISCOOP-26-H Results

"iConvert13" spent his Tuesday making a statement in the PokerStars Michigan Spring Championship of Online Poker, as they took down the title of SCOOP champion in Event #26: $300 NLHE (Super Tuesday SE), $40K Gtd for $11,630.98 after besting a field of 213 entrants.

It took three bullets to get one that stuck for "iConvert13", and they didn't really make their presence felt until just before the bubble burst. They managed to burst the final table bubble with the elimination of "Exponent1" in tenth, and took a strong chip lead to the final table.

From there, they stayed near or at the top of the counts at the final table, ultimately denying a chop from "Blunce" and taking the SCOOP title outright.

MISCOOP-26-H Results

7Po$ter Nutbag$2,028.77
9flopping air$1,133.54

Action of the Day

"GrndChalengChmp" got off to a strong start of the day as one of the early chip leaders, but that momentum left them one spot shy of a cash as they finished in 32nd place, busting at the same time as "CitizenPker". With a smaller chip stack, "GrndChalengChmp" left empty-handed, while "CitizenPker" took home a $625.49 payday for finishing in 31st.

From there, the final table came swiftly, and some of those who took some cash with them include "Corgasm231" (11th - $976.98), "Joe-E-guns" (15th - $842.03), and Henry "xlzou1990" Zou (24th - $725.73).

"flopping air" was the first to fall at the final table, running ace-jack into aces in two separate hands a short time apart to bust. After "Owens18853" and "Po$ter Nutbag" fell in eighth and seventh, "PLAYIN_4_STAXX", who already holds one 2021 MISCOOP title in Event 14-H: $50 NLHE [Rebuy], $15K Gtd, lost a flip to "Hail-6404" to bust in sixth.

"SVSU2021" and the aforementioned "Hail-6404" were next to go, and "Blunce" began discussing a deal with the remaining two players. The deal never went through, and "barry20sanders" bowed out in third. One more small discussion of a deal took place, but never came to fruition, and "Blunce" ran into the aces of "iConvert13" to fall in second.

PokerNews returns tomorrow for coverage of MISCOOP-27-H: $1,000 NLHE (6-Max, High Roller), $50k Gtd, so be sure to tune in for all the action kicking off at 8 p.m. EST!

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"Blunce" Eliminated in 2nd Place ($8,693.90)

Blunce eliminated in 2nd
Blunce eliminated in 2nd

Level 31 (40,000/80,000 ante 10,000)

"Blunce" raised to 161,600 from the button, and "iConvert13" three-bet to 504,800 in the big blind. "Blunce" called.

"iConvert13" bet 1,029,600 on the {6-Clubs}{4-Spades}{7-Spades} flop, then called when "Blunce" jammed for 364,779 more.

"Blunce": {q-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}
"iConvert13": {a-Hearts}{a-Spades}

"Blunce" was left looking for running cards to survive, and said "gg" in chat once the {3-Spades} fell on the turn. "Blunce" could survive if a non-spade five hit the river for a chop, but the {10-Spades} river gave "iConvert13" a flush and the victory.

iConvert13 us 5,325,000 1,859,179
Blunce us Busted

"iConvert13" Roars Back


Level 31 (40,000/80,000 ante 10,000)

"Blunce" raised to 161,600 from the button, and "iConvert13" called in the big blind.

"iConvert13" check-called a bet of 320,000 from "Blunce" on the {a-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{8-Hearts} flop, and both players checked the {9-Diamonds} turn. "iConvert13" bet 765,665 on the {2-Clubs} river, and "Blunce" folded.

iConvert13 us 3,465,821 1,872,796
Blunce us 1,859,179 -1,854,796

Updated Chip Counts


Blunce has won nearly all of the first hands of heads-up play to extend their lead considerably via a series of small to medium pots.

Blunce us 3,713,975 839,400
iConvert13 us 1,593,025 -857,400

"barry20sanders" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($6,498.57)

barry20sanders eliminated in 3rd
barry20sanders eliminated in 3rd

Level 30 (30,000/60,000 ante 7,500)

Shortly after losing most of their stack to "iConvert13", "barry20sanders" was all in for 292,978 from the button and at risk against "Blunce" in the small blind.

"barry20sanders": {7-Spades}{6-Spades}
"Blunce": {4-Clubs}{3-Clubs}

"Blunce" would hit a pair on the {3-Spades}{a-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} flop to take the lead, but the {4-Spades} turn gave "barry20sanders" plenty of outs with a flush draw and gutshot. The {8-Hearts} river was a brick, however, and "Blunce" earned the knockout.

Blunce us 2,874,575 143,428
iConvert13 us 2,450,425 843,000
barry20sanders us Busted

"Hail-6404" Eliminated in 4th Place ($4,857.60)

Hail-6404 eliminated in 4th
Hail-6404 eliminated in 4th

Level 30 (30,000/60,000 ante 7,500)

"Blunce" raised to 121,200 from the small blind, then called a three-bet shove for 667,390 from "Hail-6404" in the big blind.

"Hail-6404": {k-Spades}{j-Hearts}
"Blunce": {k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}

"Hail-6404" had a kicker problem that went unresolved on a {2-Spades}{10-Spades}{8-Hearts}{k-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} board, and they were eliminated.

Blunce us 2,731,147 -89,489
iConvert13 us 1,607,425 44,470
barry20sanders us 986,428 397,464
Hail-6404 us Busted

"Blunce" Wins the Biggest Pot of the Tournament

Blunce moves into first
Blunce moves into first

Level 29 (25,000/50,000 ante 5,000)

"Blunce" raised to 101,000 from the cutoff, and "Hail-6404" three-bet to 152,000 from the button. "iConvert13" called in the small blind, as did "Blunce".

"iConvert13" checked the {2-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{5-Diamonds} flop to "Blunce", who jammed for 1,145,318. "Hail-6404" jammed over the top, and "iConvert13" folded.

"Blunce": {a-Hearts}{10-Hearts}
"Hail-6404": {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}

No king came for "Hail-6404" on the {5-Clubs} turn or {6-Spades} river, and "Blunce" took over the chip lead by a fair margin.

Blunce us 2,820,636 1,286,318
iConvert13 us 1,562,955 155,330
barry20sanders us 588,964 -56,000
Hail-6404 us 352,445 -1,385,648

"Hail-6404" Sets the Trap


Level 29 (25,000/50,000 ante 6,000)

"Hail-6404" raised to 100,000 from the small blind, then called a three-bet from "iConvert13" to the tune of 326,665.

Action checked all the way through a {a-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} board, and "Hail-6404" showed {k-Hearts}{q-Hearts} for the stone nuts. "iConvert13" mucked.

Hail-6404 us 1,738,093 465,465
Blunce us 1,534,318 -116,800
iConvert13 us 1,407,625 -362,665
barry20sanders us 644,964 14,000