2022 888poker XL Winter Series WSOPC Rozvadov
Main Event

Scott Takes It Without a Showdown

MarkSlatcher • Level 6: 300-600, 600 ante
Shannon Scott

In the closing minutes of Level 5, a huge pot was played between Shannon Scott and Nick Burris.

Burris opened for 1,000 in the hijack and Scott three-bet to 3,000 from the cutoff. The action folded back to Burris, who four-bet to 9,000. Scott considered what to do and then called. Both players started the hand with roughly even stacks of around 45,000 each.

The dealer spreads a flop of {7-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{5-Hearts} and Burris continued for 8,000. Scott called fairly quickly and the dealer turned the {10-Spades}. Burris reached for chips and bet 13,000, having around 20,000 behind.

Scott went into the tank, checked his hole cards, and after half a minute of thought, moved all in for 31,100. It was then Burris's turn to go into the tank. He counted down his remaining chips as he considered whether to put his tournament at risk.

In the end, he pushed his cards toward the muck and Scott took down a huge pot.

Player Chips Progress
Shannon Scott US
Shannon Scott
US 79,400 59,400
Nick Burris us
Nick Burris
us 19,800 -200

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