Event #10: $5,000 NLH High Roller

Rodriguez Bubbles High Roller

jeffmcmillan • Level 17: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante
Noel Rodriguez

Noel Rodriguez raised from the cutoff, Farid Jattin moved all in from the wall blind and Rodriguez waited to see what happened at the other table before he called.

Noel Rodriguez: {6-Hearts}{6-Spades}
Farid Jattin: {9-Diamonds}{9-Spades}

The bubble had a good chance to finally pop as the flop came [ 2dkd2c], the turn was the {j-Spades} and the river was the {2-Spades} to burst the bubble after three hours and almost 60 hands of hand for hand play.

Player Chips Progress
Farid Jattin co
Farid Jattin
co 1,530,000 255,000
Noel Rodriguez us
Noel Rodriguez
us Busted

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