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Main Event

Short Stacked Wiese Doubles Up Plus Some

Frank Wiese chips up but still less than starting stack.

Ada Lang limped into the pot, Brian Senie raised to 800, Frank Wiese called from the cutoff and Lang called from early position. The flop came {8-Spades} {A-Spades} {6-Clubs} and all three players checked. The turn came {Q-Diamonds} and Lang bet 2,000. Senie raised to 5,500 and Weise moved all in for 5,650. Action was back on Lang and she took her time to make her decision. She mucked and the hands were turned up.

Wiese: {Q-Spades} {9-Hearts}
Senie: {J-Diamonds} {8-Clubs}

Lang pounded the table and was beside herself for apparently folding an ace.

The board finished with {5-Diamonds} and Wiese more than doubled up.

Chip Counts

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