Event 44: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Berner Still Here

Anke Berner

With the recent elimination of Kathy Saraf in 42nd place, a brief cheer arose from the rail, acknowledging that Anke Berner of Cologne, Germany is the last woman with chips in Event 44.

"It means nothing," she said to her table, referring to the "last woman standing" business. "There's never any love for the last man standing in the ladies event," cracked Mazin Khoury.

Berner went on to tell them how she came today to a stack of just 7,600 and little expectation she'd last as long as she has.

"I came here to play just one hand… and now I'm still here," she said. "Even if I go out right now, that's okay. I had a lot of fun."

Her table mates joked that she was saying that now, but they remained leery that she was ready to take their chips and make it an even deeper run. She currently has a below average stack, though plenty with which to continue her already longer-than-expected day.

Player Chips Progress
Anke Berner DE
Anke Berner
DE 120,000 24,500
Kathy Saraf US
Kathy Saraf
US Busted

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