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Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Koroknai Moves All In, Then Mucks

SantanaBandana • Level 24: 15,000-30,000, 4,000 ante
Andras Koroknai (Day 4) does not lose his tournament life

Gaelle Baumann opened for a min-raise to 60,000 from under the gun, and the action folded to Andras Koroknai, who moved all in for what looked like 2 million from the small blind. Gavin Smith folded from the big blind, and thinking that the action was completed, Koroknai mucked his hand.

When he realized his mistake, he pulled back one of his cards, but the other was irretrievable. A floorperson was called to the table, and the dealer explained what had happened. Tournament Director Dennis Jones was called over to make the ruling, and upon hearing the story, he stood silently for half a minute.

Smith, who was standing next to him, began laughing at the difficulty of the decision.

After a moment for thought, Jones informed the table that Koroknai would have to forfeit 60,000 chips to Baumann, but that he wouldn't be eliminated completely.

"Really?" Smith blurted.

Baumann was also confused with the ruling, so Jones pulled out his iPhone and called Vice President of the World Series of Poker Jack Effel. After a two-minute conversation, Jones hung up, and announced to the table that the original ruling would stand.

"You're not losing your tournament life," Jones told Koroknai.

In Jones' explanation to the table, he cited the "integrity of the tournament" as the major factor in the decision.

According to Smith, Baumann showed two kings.

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  • [user242930] [user242930]

    If you say "All In", all of you're chips must go in the middle of the pot. If you muck you're cards, before the action is finished, you are no longer eligable to take any chips out of the pot. Gavin Smith knew this intuitively, which is why he reacted instinctively with a "Really?". This was highway robbery.

  • [user239926] [user239926]

    This is crazy, how could they not have put him out of the tournement , the hand was live, he mucked his cards, no more information is needed, when did the rule addendum .."Unless you don't know what is happening at the table.." come into effect.
    I know it would have been rough, but consider, the same thing happened again later with him at another table, went all in, then mucked, and he got only a 1 round suspension, was it really accidental ?

    And consider what eventually happens, he bubbles her onto the final table, all would have been avoided if they had strictly applied the rules.

  • [user79509] [user79509]

    This is so terrible I feel sick for Baurmann. Its not her fault that Koroknai wasn't paying close attention to the action on the table with so much money on the line. Baurmann prob would be top 3 right now if it wasn't for the horrible ruling. WSOP staff people seem to be blowing it this year.

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