Event #11: $365 PLO GIANT Pot-Limit Omaha

Ville Mattila Eliminated in 13th Place ($7,030)

simkha • Level 31: 150,000-300,000, 0 ante
Ville Mattila

Ville Mattila was in middle position and got the last of his stack in preflop against Derrick Herron in the big blind and Srinivas Balasubramanian in the hijack.

Ville Mattila: {J-}{7-}{3-}{2-}
Derrick Herron: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}
Srinivas Balasubramanian: {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}

The board ran out {10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{9-Spades}{4-Spades}{A-Hearts} and Herron took the pot with his flush to double through Balasubramanian and end Mattila's run in this event.

Player Chips Progress
Derrick Herron US
Derrick Herron
US 7,850,000 4,050,000
Srinivas Balasubramanian US
Srinivas Balasubramanian
US 2,250,000 -24,325,000
Ville Mattila fi
Ville Mattila
fi Busted

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