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Event #33: $50,000 Poker Players Championship

Mizrachi Leads $50,000 Poker Players Championship's Final Six, Eyes Third Title

MrCleverFox • Level 21: 80,000-160,000, 0 ante
Michael Mizrachi

It took roughly three levels for the field in Event #33: $50,000 Poker Players Champion to be cut from 12 to the official final table of six players. Currently leading the pack is Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi who bagged up a total of 8,865,000 chips at the end of play on Monday, 18 June.

Mizrachi tore through the field and didn't seem like he could lose a hand. He even eliminated the only other multiple Poker Players Championship Winner Brian Rast on his way to the top of the counts.

Dan Smith, the sole player without a bracelet at the final table, bagged up the second largest stack of the day with 4,485,000 in chips.

When play resumes on Day 5, the button will be on Aaron Katz, and there will be four more hands of No-Limit Hold'em.

SeatPlayerCountryChipsBig BlindsBig Bets
1Dan SmithUnited States4,485,00011228
2Aaron KatzUnited States2,600,0006516.5
3Michael MizrachiUnited States8,865,00022255.5
4Benny GlaserUnited Kingdom2,210,0005514
5Mike LeahCanada1,220,000317.5
6John HenniganUnited States2,400,0006015

Day 4 Action

The penultimate day of one of the most prestigious events of the summer, started with 12 players remaining. The first to fall from the field was Jean-Robert Bellande who got it in with pocket sevens against the pocket queens of Aaron Katz. Bellande couldn't catch up and he was sent to the rail in 12th place to collect $88,627.

Chris Vitch was the next to go. He dropped several pots in a row and eventually succumbed to Phil Ivey in a razz hand. Vitch made a queen low after a poor runout while Ivey locked up the pot with his nine low. For his 11th pace finish, Vitch also locked up $88,627.

Shaun Deeb was the next to fall in the following level of play. Deeb ended up getting short after a hand of limit hold'em in which Rast flopped trips and rivered a full house. Just a bit later, a short stacked Deeb got it all in in 2-7 Triple Draw against Mike Leah. Leah pulled a nine-low and on his last draw, Deeb pulled paint to be sent to the rail. For his 10th place finish, Deeb earned $111,447.

Phil Ivey would follow Deeb out the door, though this would be some time later. Ivey was up and down for most of the day, but after a series of losses, he found himself short. Ivey eventually took a stand in 2-7 Triple Draw against Greg Mueller, and Ivey ended up making a ninety-eight low, but Mueller ended up making a seventy-six to send Ivey to the rail. Ivey collected $111,447 for 9th place.

Brian Rast bowed out next. He lost a big portion of his chips to Mizrachi in a monstrous limit hold'em hand where Mizrachi turned the nuts and got multiple streets of value, and just a few hands later Mizrachi finished Rast off in a hand of 2-7 Triple Draw. Mizrachi made a ninety-seven low, and Rast was live with several outs but picked up paint on the river to be sent out. For his run, Rast took home $144,049.

Players combined for the final table after Rast's elimination but continued to play until at least one more player fell. That unfortunate player was Greg Mueller, who was eliminated by Mizrachi as well. In the hand, Mueller turned a set of jacks while Mizrachi picked up an open-ended straight draw. The river brought in Mizrachi's straight and he put Mueller to the test. Eventually, Mueller called and Mizrachi showed him the second nuts. That would conclude the action for the day as players bagged up for the end of the night.

Rounding out the final table are the likes of Mike Leah (1,220,000), Benny Glaser (2,210,000), Aaron Katz (2,600,000), and John Hennigan (2,400,000) who is also looking to lock up his second Poker Players Championship title.

Action will resume at 2 p.m. tomorrow with just over three minutes left in level 21. Players will continue playing No-Limit Hold'em for four more hands with the button kicking off on Katz. The plan is to play down to a winner with the entirety of the action live streamed.

PokerNews will continue to provide coverage of the event and we'll be here until a winner is crowned. Make sure to stay tuned in to see if "The Grinder" can lock up an astonishing third Poker Players Championship, or if a new winner will be crowned.

Player Chips Progress
Michael Mizrachi us
Michael Mizrachi
us 8,865,000
Dan Smith us
Dan Smith
us 4,485,000
Aaron Katz us
Aaron Katz
us 2,600,000
John Hennigan us
John Hennigan
us 2,400,000
Benny Glaser gb
Benny Glaser
gb 2,210,000
Mike Leah ca
Mike Leah
ca 1,220,000

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