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PokerNews Podcast 516: Arlie Shaban

  • LISTEN: The PokerNews Podcast looks to help Arlie Shaban with his PokerStars challenge!

It's Episode 516 of the PokerNews Podcast! Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt are back at it again to break down what's going on in the poker world.

Jeff recaps an entertaining episode of Friday Night Poker, and previews the action for the upcoming week. Also, Tony Ruberto wins his second World Poker Tour title - quite the nice run he's been on lately. The WPT holds stops in Vietnam and Texas - what does that mean for the growth of the game?

A wild hand from Live at the Bike, Gal Yifrach makes a massive call with a measly pair of threes.

PokerStars releases its PCA schedule, and we dive into what lies in store for the Players Championship. And the World Series of Poker takes its Circuit online.

Then, Jeff chats with Twitch Poker streamer Arlie Shaban about the "12 Labours of Arlie", the challenge presented to the former Big Brother Canada contestant by PokerStars.

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Show Time Stamps

0:30Intro: Sarah is off to Houston! (For good)
3:00Friday Night Poker Week 2 Recap, Week 3 Preview. Check out the show on Facebook Watch!
5:40Amanda Leatherman will jump on the show next week!
8:30Tony Ruberto Wins WPT Maryland for Second Tour Title
9:40A Bold Step: WPTDeepStacks Makes Houston Event Happen
14:50The World Poker Tour also makes a stop in Vietnam!
17:20Chad Holloway accompanying Men Nguyen on a trip to Vietnam
18:30What a Call! Gal Yifrach and Art Papazyan Discuss Live at the Bike! Hand
19:30Sarah and Jeff try to dive into the thought process of both Gal and Art
23:10PokerStars Releases PCA Schedule and PSPC Details
28:00Sarah will chat with David Peters at WSOP-Europe
29:30Shawn Daniels Wins Circuit Main Event
30:40Arlie Shaban joins the show!
31:10How he would sum up what life has been like since last June: "My life has been a complete roller-coaster."
32:20How he looks back at the experience of streaming 125 days straight: "I'm just so glad I did it. Honestly, it was so hard. I set my mind to things, and I just won't stop, I won't quit."
33:40What makes his Twitch stream popular: "I genuinely thought that just naturally I'd be decent at it. I just thought my personality would translate well, which is what attracted me to it to begin with... I just thought I'd be myself, and amp it up... Good vibes and positive energy, that's the motto of my stream."
35:40Becoming comfortable with the Twitch stream: "I'm still adjusting to it. There's so many things about streaming that are different... It's constantly changing, I'm constantly trying new things."
36:50How his Big Brother Canada appearance helped his poker game: "You kinda have to hide what you're capable of so your opponents don't target you, which is kind of what poker is all about."
37:30Developing a relationship with Kevin Martin
38:10Who Arlie's influences are in the poker world: "All of the Team PokerStars Online guys, they've paved such a way in this community."
39:30Taking us back to the moment he found out about the "12 Labours of Arlie" and finding out that a Platinum Pass awaited him at the end of his quest: "I honestly would've just done it for the stream hype, I assumed there would've been a cool prize.... Now that I know it's for a Platinum Pass, my mind is blown, and I am ready to go hard at this challenge."
41:50His first "Labour", taking on Lex Veldhuis: "I can't even believe I'm having a dual stream with Lex, I've been a streamer for a year, I was watching him all day, every day before I started. So that was unreal."
43:20Facing Randy "Nanonoko" Lew in a multi-table challenge: "Keeping up with the 17 tables of heads up while streaming... It was super-intense."
45:10Getting some help from Daniel Negreanu for his third challenge: "I refused to believe that it was Negreanu... It was so surreal."
46:50Getting the word out on his quest for the next challenge: "Now we know it's for a Platinum Pass, which is mind-boggling."
47:40The appeal of the Run It Up Reno stop: "It's got way more of a home game feel."
48:40Where people can follow Arlie on his quest: check out this link

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