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Event #35: $10,000 Dealer's Choice Championship

Moskowitz Doubles Through Friedman

tRaMSt0p • Level 20: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante
David Moskowitz

Pot-Limit Omaha

Adam Friedman raised to 35,000 from middle position and David Moskowitz raised pot to 129,000. Friedman called, and on the {9-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{8-Spades} flop, he put Moskowitz all in for his last 85,000. Moskowitz called.

Friedman: {7-Hearts}{5-Spades}{4-Spades}{2-Hearts}
Moskowitz: {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{7-Spades}

The turn and river landed the {8-Diamonds} and {5-Hearts} and Moskowitz doubled with his ace-high flush.

Player Chips Progress
Adam Friedman us
Adam Friedman
us 1,675,000 -210,000
David Moskowitz us
David Moskowitz
us 452,000 237,000

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