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Event #59: $600 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack Championship

Jean-Francois Alexandre Eliminated in 8th Place ($45,348)

gaellej • Level 36: 250,000-500,000, 500,000 ante
Jean-Francois Alexandre

Hand #19: It folded to Jean-Francois Alexandre on the button who pushed all in for a stack around 12,000,000 and Jeff Hakim took a minute before announcing all in as well for a stack worth 15,600,000.

Jean-Francois Alexandre: {k-Spades}{8-Spades}
Jeff Hakim: {8-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}

Alexandre had the dominated hand and the board {5-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{a-Spades} didn't change anything to eliminate the last French-Canadian of the final table at the 8th place for $45,348.

Player Chips Progress
Jeff Hakim lb
Jeff Hakim
lb 24,800,000 9,800,000
Jean-Francois Alexandre ca
Jean-Francois Alexandre
ca Busted

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