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PokerNews connects the poker community and promotes the positive advancement of poker worldwide.

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Tana Karn | President/CEO

Traffic Analysis

1 Jan 2013 - 31 Dec 2013

Site UsageIn the past twelve months, had nearly 12.5 million visits and 46 million page views; 24% of which were unique. The average visitor spends 6 minutes on the site, across 3.9 pages. Of the 12.5 million visitors, over 4 million of those were via mobile devices.

Monthly AveragesSite Visits: 1,035,000+
Unique Visits: 250,000+
Page views: 4,000,000+
Visit Duration: 06:11 min
Pages per Visit: 3.69

  U.S. Visitors Profile  
Age Distribution
  • < 18Years old17%

  • 18-24Years old11%

  • 25-34Years old25%

  • 35-44Years old22%

  • 45-54Years old15%

  • 55+Years old10%


Male 77%

Female 23%

The U.S. visitors to are more likely than the average Internet
user to visit these categories and sites:

  • Firefox 17%

  • Safari 26%

  • Chrome 29%

  • Internet Explorer 13%

Operating System
  • Windows 53%

  • Mac OS 24%

Mobile Devices

Apple iOS

54% 471,464



Mobile App My Stack App
Site Visits 868,000+ 68,000+
Unique Visits 25,000+ 9,590,000+
Page views 7,800+ 52,000+
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While the global site has the largest traffic reach, with significant U.S. presence, PokerNews is an international force with over 20 sub-domains, each with localized language and content. PokerNews sub-domains generate large traffic profiles of their own.

  • PokerNews Network

Unique visitors

7,000,000 3,000,000


23,000,000 12,500,000

Page Views

PokerNews Network90,000,000


Traffic Sources

All network

  • Direct 29%

  • Referral 30%

  • Organic 41%

  • Direct 35%

  • Referral 32%

  • Organic 33%

Our Global Network
Geographic Distribution
United States 49.28%
United Kingdom 6.80%
Canada 7.30%
Australia 4.27%
Germany 3.05%
Netherlands 3.10%
France 1.70%