2011-12 World Series of Poker Circuit Event - Harrah's Rincon

Main Event

Kuether Let's One Go

Chris Cronin opened the action from middle position with a raise to 90,000 and was called only by Joe Kuether in the small blind. The flop came {j-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{a-Hearts} and Kuether check-raised a bet worth 140,000 to 300,000 total. Without much hesitation, Cronin said, "Six-fifty" and placed 650,000 chips across the betting line. Kuether thought for a few minutes before letting go of his hand.

Chris Cronin 2,450,000 330,000
Joe Kuether 1,630,000 -370,000

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Chris Bratene Eliminated in 7th Place($16,617) Ty Spires Eliminated in 6th Place($21,414)

Wow. That was a big hand. Action folded around to Ty Spires, who made it 125,000 to go. It folded to Chris Bratene in the small blind, who went all in for 300,000. Chris Cronin was next to act, and after taking a peak at his cards, announced all in himself! It came back to Spires, and he wasted little time in calling! Cronin had both Spires and Bratene covered, and when the cards were tabled, Cronin was out in front.

Cronin: {q-Hearts}{q-Clubs}
Spires: {a-Diamonds}{k-Spades}
Bartene: {10-Spades}{8-Spades}

There was an ace in the window for Spires, as the flop came out {a-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}. Bratene also caught a piece of the flop, getting middle pair, but would need more to survive the hand. The {2-Clubs} on the turn changed nothing, but the {q-Diamonds} on the river changed everything. Cronin caught his two outer, eliminated both Spires and Bratene. IN addition to the double knockout, Cronin took the chip lead in the process!

Chris Cronin 2,120,000 1,070,000
Chris Bratene Busted
Ty Spires Busted

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All In!

• Level 28: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante

On the first hand back from break, Chris Bratene moved all in from under the gun and everyone folded.

The very next hand, Ty Spires three-bet shoved on the button after Freddy Deeb raised to 95,000. The players in the blinds folded as did Deeb.

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Level 28 started

Posted 03-27-2012 00:19 GMT CoryDowd

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Chip Updates

Joe Kuether 2,000,000
Ryan Gentry 1,490,000 -10,000
Chris Cronin 1,050,000 100,000
Freddy Deeb 625,000
David Funkhauser 495,000 -135,000
Ty Spires 365,000 -35,000
Chris Bratene 310,000 -290,000

Kuether Strengthens His Chip Lead

In a battle of the blinds, Freddy Deeb limped in in the small blind, and Joe Kuether checked his option. The flop came {9-Spades}{4-Clubs}{2-Spades}, and Deeb checked to Kuether, who fired out 35,000. Deeb responded with a check raise to 100,000, but Kuether wasn't budging, as he made the call after a minute of thought. The turn came the {2-Diamonds}, and Deeb fired at it once again, this time for 150,000. Again, Kuether thought for about a minute before putting in the call.

Both players checked when the {7-Clubs} hit the river, and Deeb showed {8-Clubs}{4-Hearts} for a pair of fours. It was no good though, as Kuether tabled {9-Clubs}{5-Diamonds} for top pair. After the hand, Kuether now has 2 million, while Deeb is back down to 625,000.

Joe Kuether 2,000,000 310,000
Freddy Deeb 625,000 -525,000

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Deeb Moving Back Up

Freddy Deeb spent some time towards the bottom of the pack earlier but he has managed to rebound nicely. He was just in the big blind when action folded to Chris Cronin. The two saw a cheap flop and the dealer spread out {5-Spades}{k-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}. Both players checked.

The turn was the {k-Hearts} which pushed the action a little bit. Cronin checked to Deeb who bet 75,000 and Cronin called. The river was the {3-Spades} and Cronin check-called again, this time 250,000. Deeb tabled {k-Clubs}{j-Hearts} and his opponent quickly mucked his hand.

Freddy Deeb 1,150,000 320,000
Chris Cronin 950,000 -350,000

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Cronin Sends Spires to the Short Stack

Chris Cronin raised to 75,000 in middle position, and Ty Spires was the only caller in the big blind. The flop came down {a-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{a-Spades}, and Spires checked called a bet of 112,000 from Cronin. The turn came the {10-Clubs}, and both players checked. The river brought the {j-Clubs}, and Spires led out for 150,000. Cronin responded by going all in, and Spires laid his hand down.

On the next hand, Cronin raises to 70,000, and again, Spires was the only caller. The board ran out {10-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{a-Spades}{8-Spades}{j-Hearts}, with both players checking until the river. There, Spires check called a bet of 100,000 from Cronin, who revealed {10-Spades}{9-Spades} for a straight. Spires mucked, and just like that, he is now on the short stack, while Cronin has 1.3 million.

Chris Cronin 1,300,000 370,000
Ty Spires 400,000 -510,000

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