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2011-12 World Series of Poker Circuit Event - Harrah's Rincon

Main Event

Spires Wins One From Funkhauser

Ty Spires opened the action with a raise to 90,000 in early position, and David Funkhauser was next to act. He thought for about 30 seconds, before cutting out a bet of 176,000, and placing it in the middle. It folded around to Freddy Deeb in the small blind, who thought for about 20 seconds before folding. When it got back around to Spires, he instantly grabbed chips for the call, and put them in the middle.

The flop came down {4-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}{3-Spades}, and Spires took only a few seconds before announcing all in. Funkhauser had stared at Spires the whole time, and told him "I haven't looked at the flop yet so I don't mean to slow roll you." Funkhauser glanced at the flop, and didn't snap call, which was likely a relief for Spires. He went into the tank, checking both his and Spires's stack, before ultimately folding after about 90 seconds of thought. Spires took the pot to get back up over 900,000, while Funkhauser drops to 630,000.

Ty Spires 910,000 180,000
David Funkhauser 630,000 30,000

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Gentry Comes To Life

First, Ryan Gentry was in the big blind facing a limp from Freddy Deeb on the button and a fold from Joe Kuether in the small blind. Gentry stuck a stack of yellow chips worth 25,000 each totaling a raise of at least 400,000. Deeb folded.

The very next hand, Chris Cronin raised to 70,000 and action folded to Gentry in the small blind who slammed down another stack of yellow chips almost immediately after looking at his cards. He got his opponent to fold again.

Gentry wasn't done though. On his button, he three-bet Freddy Deeb's raise of 80,000. This time Gentry made it more affordable with a raise to 250,000. Deeb made call. The flop was {j-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{4-Spades} and Gentry dropped in another stack of yellows, about 200,000, when it was checked to him. This got Deeb off his hand and just like that Gentry has separated himself with Joe Kuether as our chip leaders.

Ryan Gentry 1,500,000 620,000

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Funkenhauser Keeps It Going

Two hands later, Joe Kuether raised it up to 60,000, and it folded around to David Funkhauser, who shoved all in for 509,000 total. It got back around to Kuether, who took only a few moments before folding his hand. Things look to be turning around for Funkhauser, leading us to believe that it indeed has to be the shoes.

Joe Kuether 1,690,000 -100,000
David Funkhauser 600,000 90,000

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Stephen Plache Eliminated in 8th Place($13,081)

Action folded all the way around to David Funkhauser in the small blind, and he shoved all in for his last 360,000. Stephen Plache was in the big blind, and had to make a decision for the rest of his chips. Plache tanked for about two minutes, before saying "Alright let's go." Plache made the call, and what a call it was.

Funkhauser: {10-Clubs}{9-Spades}
Plache: {j-Hearts}{10-Spades}

Plache had Funkhauser dominated going to the flop, which brought plenty of action, coming {j-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{8-Spades}. Plache flopped top pair, but Funkhauser picked up an open ended straight draw. The turn brought the {4-Diamonds}, and Plache was still out in front. However, the {q-Hearts} hit the river, completing Funkhauser's straight, and sending Plache to the rail. After the hand, Funkhauser is back up to over 500,000.

David Funkhauser 510,000 100,000
Stephen Plache Busted

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Cronin Doubles

One hand after Deeb raised to 70,000 and folded to the 350,000-chip three-bet by Ryan Gentry, Deeb raised again under the gun to 70,000. This time he was called by Ty Spires in middle position before Chris Cronin moved all in from the big blind for 398,000. Deeb tanked for a bit, counting out calling chips a couple of times, before letting his hand go. That left the decision on Spires. Eventually, he decided to put his opponent at risk and the cards were on their backs.

Cronin: {a-Diamonds}{a-Hearts}
Spires: {4-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}

The flop was {q-Clubs}{q-Spades}{8-Hearts} and Cronin still had to fade the two remaining fours in the deck. That is, until the turn came the {a-Spades}, at which point he locked up the hand and the double up.

Chris Cronin 930,000 520,000
Ryan Gentry 880,000 80,000
Freddy Deeb 830,000 -170,000
Ty Spires 730,000 -395,000

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Funkhauser Has His Game Shoes on Now

• Level 26: 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante

Yesterday, David Funkhauser was wearing a pair of black and red high top basketball shoes, and it worked out pretty well for him, as he made it through to today. When he arrived today, he had those shoes in hand, but put them to the side, and chose to wear running shoes instead.

Well the final table has been tough for Funkhauser, who says he hasn't won a pot in three hours, and the one time he raised preflop, he was reraised. So he has decided to bust out the high tops, and upon changing his shoes, flung the running shoes all the way across the room. The rest of the table better watch out for Funkhauser now!

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Level 27 started

Posted 03-26-2012 22:52 GMT CoryDowd

Deeb Squeezes

Ty Spires raised to 60,000 in middle position. Stephen Plache, who had about 350,000 to start the hand, made the call, as did Chris Cronin who began the hand with 335,000. Freddy Deeb was in the small blind position and thought for awhile before announcing a raise to 360,000.

Spires quickly folded while Plache hit the tank. Eventually, he folded and it became Cronin's turn to think about it. After some thought, he slid in all of his chips, which were not enough to meet Deeb's raise.

Cronin: {4-Clubs}{4-Spades}
Deeb: {7-Hearts}{5-Clubs}

Everyone chuckled a bit when Deeb revealed his hand, including Deeb who was happy to be in such good shape. The flop was {8-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{5-Spades} and he improved even more. However, the {6-Hearts} turn changed the tides and left him drawing thin. The {9-Clubs} river brought each player a nine-high strait and the pot was chopped up.

Ty Spires 1,125,000 -75,000
Freddy Deeb 730,000 80,000
Chris Cronin 410,000 35,000
Stephen Plache 290,000 -57,000

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Plache Shoves On Funkhauser

Action folded to David Funkhauser in the cutoff, and he raised to 53,000. Stephen Plache was next to act, and he went all in for 244,000. It folded back around to Funkhauser, who thought for just a few moments before releasing his hand, giving the pot to Plache, who is still sitting on the short stack.

David Funkhauser 410,000 -167,000
Stephen Plache 347,000 27,000

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