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2012-13 World Series of Poker Circuit Event - Harveys Lake Tahoe

Main Event

Official Counts

Derrick Yamada 2,485,000 723,000
Clint Baskin 2,095,000 -203,000
Jesse Rockowitz 900,000 -124,000
John Deng 855,000 -209,000
Cary Marshall 845,000 -222,000
Ping Liu 535,000 -255,000
John Song 465,000 83,000
Dick Hanley 265,000 -149,000

Another Huge Double for Baskin

Clint Baskin opened in early position, Derrick Yamada called on his direct left, and the rest of the players folded. The flop came {6-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{3-Clubs}, Baskin led for 80,000, and Yamada called.

The turn was the {5-Spades}, Baskin led again - this time for 225,000 - and Yamada moved all in for effectively 885,000. Baskin snap-called.

Yamada: {a-Spades}{a-Diamonds}
Baskin: {6-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}

Baskin flopped a set of sixes, and after the {7-Hearts} completed the board, he successfully doubled.

Clint Baskin 2,298,000 1,648,000
Derrick Yamada 1,762,000 -1,127,000

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Updated Counts

Derrick Yamada 2,889,000 -20,000
John Deng 1,064,000 217,000
Cary Marshall 1,031,000 -12,000
Jesse Rockowitz 1,024,000 -63,000
Ping Liu 705,600 -36,400
Clint Baskin 650,000 145,000
Dick Hanley 414,000 6,000
John Song 284,000 -552,000

Baskin Loses Newfound Chips

Jesse Rockowitz opened to 48,000 on the button, Clint Baskin called in the small blind, and Derrick Yamada defended his big.


Baskin led for 75,000, Yamada raised to 190,000, and Rockowitz folded. Baskin called.

The turn was the {q-Clubs}, Baskin led for 200,000, and Yamada called.

The {8-Diamonds} completed the board, Baskin checked, and Yamada fired 285,000. Baskin called.

Yamada tabled {k-}{j-} for a flopped straight, Baskin showed {k-}{q-} for trip queens, and Yamda raked in the pot.

Derrick Yamada 2,909,000 150,000
Clint Baskin 505,000 -727,000

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Massive Double for Basking

Ping Liu opened to 50,000 from early position, Cary Marshall called from the cutoff, and Clint Baskin defended his big blind. The flop fell {8-Spades}{8-Hearts}{3-Hearts}, Baskin led for 52,000, Liu folded, and Marshall called.

The turn was the {7-Spades}, Baskin led again - this time for 134,000 - and Marshall called.

The {j-Diamonds} completed the board, Baskin moved all in for 620,000, and Marshall sat back in his chair before calling.

Baskin tabled {j-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} for eights full of jacks, and Marshall unhappily showed two threes for a flopped full house.

Clint Baskin 1,232,000 528,000
Cary Marshall 1,043,000 -837,000

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