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Daniel "Jungleman" Cates Issues Challenge to the World

Daniel Cates

Daniel "Jungleman" Cates is fed up with the negative exposure poker has received since Black Friday. For that reason, the high-stakes cash superstar intends to capture the world's attention with his play on the felt in December.

The Poker Farm announced Thursday that Cates issued an open challenge to anyone willing to go to the Prague Poker Festival on Dec. 6. The challenger will face Cates in a heads-up match at stakes of €200/€400 with a minimum buy-in of €100,000. The match will be streamed online at, will be on a 15-minute delay, and the hole cards will be shown.

"As someone who loves the game, I think the poker world deserves to know who the best poker player on the planet is. I’m confident that it’s me," Cates told The Poker Farm. "If anyone has the nerve to take me on, let them come to Prague in December and sit down across from me at the table.”

Cates took on a similar challenge last year when he accepted an offer to play Tom Dwan in the "Durrrr Challenge." Cates held a sizable lead against Dwan before the match was suspended with the shutdown of Full Tilt Poker. We're excited to see whether Dwan accepts the challenge, but Cates says the offer isn't directed at one particular player.

“This is not about the past," he said. "I don’t run away from something once I start it. And there is no person alive who I will refuse this offer to play me.”

We'll be following this story as more develops. You can find the full press release at The Poker Farm.

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  • flintsword flintsword

    You are kidding ... right? Step One: Fire your manager for thinking up such a silly promotion. If you thought it up yourself ... start listening to your manager who is cringing in the corner Cursing

    You want to step up ... start with yourself. Take a $100,000 weight loss prop bet and drop a few pounds. Work on your image from the ground up with some charity work. This arrogant "I am going to improve poker's image" not only sounds like BS ... the fact you are doing it in Prague of all places where Black Friday has had little effect makes the site nonsensical Bored

    Treat your game like a business? Ok, start talking to real business guys. You need a good manager and a good PR person. You need a personal strategy and a poker strategy. Keep a healthy ego but this over-the-top bombastic I-am-the-center-of-the-universe "save poker" attitude is just childish ... really. You have a few decades before you are even eligible for the Poker Hall of Fame so build something real. If this was not your idea ... play the games you are committed to and tell the "genius" that roped you into this that at your level of poker play, you cannot afford amateur hour.

    It sounds so silly that as an amateur player I cringe reading the PR on this. Man o man.

  • jacktrout jacktrout

    Please tell JUNGLEMAN "idiot" that it's called BOBBY's room . You know that place in Belligio which he will never go for some strange reason...hee hee Why wont he play 2,000/4,000 a hand with Gus Hansen, Abe Mosseri, doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey or Patrick? You know all the regulars who REALLY play high stakes. Cates is a complete joke and BTW, No player is interested to fly across the world to do anything with him. He is thinking this would be great PR for him. Maybe he needs to drink the Kardashian cool-aid and keep talking!!! lol lol lol

  • TrueMortem TrueMortem

    " Daniel "Jungleman" Cates is fed up with the negative exposure poker has received since Black Friday. " now WTF does this mean.. like he is no part of those exposures right.... what a joke...great player sure... but this cocky statement with this line just makes me wanna puke....

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