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Bill Perkins Bets Dan Bilzerian $600,000 He Can't Bike from L.A. To Vegas in 48 Hours

Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins


  • Bill Perkins bet Dan Bilzerian $600,000 that he couldn't bike from L.A. to Las Vegas in 48 hours.

  • Can Dan Bilzerian ride a bike from L.A. to Las Vegas in under 48 hours? Bill Perkins says no.

Late on Tuesday night, Bill Perkins tweeted that he had just bet Dan Bilzerian that Bilzerian couldn't bike from his house in California to past the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign in under 48 hours. Perkins confirmed to PokerNews that each man will put up $600,000 at even money.

According to Perkins' tweet, Bilzerian has up until May 31, 2016, to start the trek.

Bilzerian responded with a tweet of his own, saying that the distance was 278 miles and that he hasn't been on a bike in 18 years.

The bet seemed to stem from an earlier proposal Bilzerian gave Samantha Abernathy. According to Abernathy's Twitter account six hours earlier, Bilzerian offered to bet her $10,000 that she couldn't bike from Vegas to L.A. in a 72-hour timeframe. Abernathy told PokerNews that "plans are in full swing to execute" her bet with Bilzerian.

Speaking to PokerNews about the bet, Perkins, who is known to get involved in some interesting and outrageous prop bets, said that "it's the largest and craziest to date" he's ever made.

While only Perkins knows if it's the largest, it could be argued that it's not the craziest.

Perkins was the man who wagered against Antonio Esfandiari that "The Magician" couldn't lunge for 48 hours straight while at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Esfandiari went on to win the bet, but it was a painful endeavor and one that saw him get disqualified from the PCA Main Event after he admitted to urinating in a container during the tournament. Esfandiari admitted to a lack of judgement and said he planned to donate the $50,000 he won from the bet to charity.

Perkins is also known for his wide array of prop bets with Jeff Gross. In an article with Remko Rinkema for, Gross talked about a bet with Perkins worth $50,000 where he couldn't have alcohol for a full year. Gross also said he made additional bets to not have flour for one year, to not check a bag when he traveled for 16 months, and to jump off the Stratosphere via an assisted free fall. While all of those bets might sound fairly easy to accomplish, Gross has a big fear of heights that made jumping off the Stratosphere seem nearly impossible. He won that one, though.

Another bet Perkins and Gross made involved a tattoo on Gross' back. If you frequent Bilzerian's social media accounts, you're aware the tattoo bet was said to be worth a staggering $550,000.

*Photo courtesy of Bill Perkins' Instagram account.

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