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Tag: Blair Hinkle

Piqué Called Off Side, Hinkle Climbing

On a board of and roughly 12,000 in the pot, Blair Hinkle checked and Gerard Piqué bet out 5,500. Hinkle check-called as the landed on the river and both players checked.

Shak Shakes Hinkle

Dan Shak just busted Blair Hinkle when Shak's made a pair of kings on a board of to best Hinkle's . The two had been in a few reraising confrontations that led to the two getting it all in there, Shak said.

Petersen Gets a Double

Blair Hinkle opened for 6,000 under the gun, and Mickey Petersen potted for nearly all of his stack. When action folded back to Hinkle, he went ahead and put Petersen at risk.

Ausmus Survives

Jeremy Ausmus and Blair Hinkle got it all in preflop from the blinds with Ausmus at risk for 9,900. Ausmus' turned a pair of queens to ensure his survival against Hinkle's .

Hinkle Crippled by Stern; Eliminated by Grappo

We saw Blair Hinkle putting on his backpack and exiting the tournament area, which is a sure sign of elimination. Sure enough a quick check with his former table revealed that he had been crippled when his lost to Dani Stern's .

Welcome to Day 1b of Mid-States Poker Tour Meskwaki Casino

After a record field filled the room on Day 1a of Mid-States Poker Tour Meskwaki Casino, we're set to fire up Day 1b with an eye towards possibly hitting 400 entrants, which would top the guaranteed prize pool by a cool $100,000.

Hinkle Clawing Back

Blair Hinkle pushed all in for 12,200 from middle position, and action folded to Dustin Dirksen, who called in the big blind. Dirksen: Hinkle: Hinkle found help immediately on the flop, and he got two pair on the turn.

Carpenter Cripples Hinkle

Blair Hinkle and Cash Carpenter got all in before the flop, with Hinkle covering Carpenter's 43,100. Carpenter: Hinkle: Hinkle was dead on the turn when the community came , and he was left with just 2,500.

Unlucky 13

Three very tough players have drawn three very unfortunate seats: Kou Vang ($589,493 in live cashes), Blair Hinkle ($3,515,803), and Mark Sandness ($363,322) are all seated next to each other at Table 13.

Hinkle Rivers Flush

The player in the small blind bet 3,125 on a board of , and Blair Hinkle raised to 6,500 from the button. The small blind expressed doubt that Hinkle would call the turn with ace-jack, and he announced a call. Hinkle tabled for a flush.

Blair Hinkle Wins the $10 Million Guarantee Championship Event

The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $10 Million Guarantee Championship Event came to a close on Wednesday, and the winner was professional Blair Hinkle. With the win, Hinkle now has over $3.5 million in career tournament earnings.

Bonomo and Hinkle Battling for Over Four Hours

Roughly three and a half hours into the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $10 Million Guarantee Championship Event, on the 58th hand, Mukul Pahuja was eliminated in third place, earnings $872,625.

Hinkle and Bonomo Lead Final Table

The fifth and final day of the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $10 Million Championship Guarantee is set to begin shortly, and leading the six-handed final table is Blair Hinkle. Hinkle bagged 22.

Hinkle Done

Blair Hinkle got the majority of his chips in before the flop, and dropped his last few thousand in after the hit the board. His opponent called. Hinkle: Opponent: Hinkle found no salvation on the turn and river.

Hinkle Runs into a Set

We caught up with Blair Hinkle in a hand where he had position on an opponent on a board of . Hinkle's opponent check-called a bet, and the players saw the fall on the river. Hinkle's opponent again checked, and Hinkle began thinking.

Hinkle Calls Down for Value

Blair Hinkle opened for a raise from middle position and found two callers from late position and another in the blinds. A relatively dry flop of hit the felt, and Hinkle checked to the cutoff, who bet 2,500.

Hinkle Finds Naught but Bricks

We found Blair Hinkle involved in a raising war postflop. His opponent had fired 1,300 on the flop, and Hinkle made it 2,600 on the button.

Bonnecaze Survives, Then Doubles

Hand #129- Blair Hinkle raised to 45,000, and Paul Lieu moved all in over the top. It got back around to Hinkle, and he smiled before open folding , giving the pot to Lieu.

Hinkle Doubles Through Bonnecaze

Hand #128- Blair Hinkle moved all in, and Louis Bonnecaze called. Hinkle: Bonnecaze: The two players were virtually identical in chips, and the board ran down , giving Hinkle the double up.

Lieu Takes Two From Hinkle

Hand #118- Blair Hinkle raised to 35,000, and Paul Lieu called for a heads up flop of . Hinkle fired out 45,000, and Lieu tagged along to see the hit the turn. This time, Hinkle's bet was 75,000, and Lieu called again.