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Tag: David Sands

Sands An Early Casuality

David "Doc" Sands came into the day with just 3,325, and with the big blind starting at 500, we knew he would be getting it in rather quickly.

Sands Flushed

Following a raise to 850, David Sands made the call from the button to see a flop fall. Sands' opponent tossed in 1,300 and Sands made the call as the turn landed the and he was greeted by a 2,500-chip bet.

Sands Can't Freeroll Timoshenko

With 1,650 in the pot on a flop of , Yevgeniy Timoshenko and David "Doc" Sands were in action. Timoshenko was first and bet 1,050. Sands raised to 4,750. Timoshenko tanked, then called.

The Doctor is In

David "Doc" Sands got his last 220,000 all in preflop and was up against Chris Lee. Lee: Sands: Sands was ahead with his ace and looking to dodge paint, which is exactly what he did when the board ran out .

Philbort Doesn't Survive Doc

We saw some commotion over at the feature table and made our way over just in time to see Germany's Philipp "Philbort" Gruissem get his stack in holding the on a flop.

David "Doc" Sands on the $111,111 One Drop

Before the start of play, PokerNews caught up with David "Doc" Sands to ask him a few questions regarding today's event. Among the questions asked was whether or not Sands believed High Roller events were good for the games.

"That's a Nice River"

Over at the feature table, David "Doc" Sands opened for 2,400 under the gun and Philipp Gruissem, who was seated to his direct left, flatted. The rest of the players folded, the flop came down and Sands methodically bet 3,700.

I Wish This Was a Cash Game...

We heard David "Doc" Sands lamenting the tournament format after a particularly sick hand just went down. The final board read by the river, and although Sands was not involved in the hand, he wishes he was.

Sands Comfortable

We caught the action on a board with around 3,000 chips in the middle, just as Tommy Vedes checked his option over to David “Doc” Sands to his left.

Sands Storming up the Leader Board

We missed how all the money was committed into the pot, but found David Sands up against two opponents, and having them both covered.

Sands Wins!

We arrived at the table, just as David Sands and his opponent finished off their pre-flop betting exchange. Sands’ opponent was all in for his last 20,000 and showed , which was up against .

Giannetti Scoops Sands and Yockey

As we arrived at the table, we saw that Matt Giannetti, David Sands, and Bryce Yockey were in a three way pot on a flop of . All three players had 3,700 in front of them, and the turn was the .

Sands Picks Up Three Quarters

David "Doc" Sands was part of a three way flop that read . The first opponent checked to the second, who fired out 3,000. Sands tanked for a bit before stacking up a big raise of about 12,000, and sliding it in.

Austin Busts Sands

From the cutoff David Sands opened to 1,700 and Jeremy Ausmus three bet to 5,300 from the small blind. Sands made the four bet to 12,700 and the five bet to 25,600 by Ausmus. Sands pushed all in and Ausmus snap called.

From Hero to Zero

Calvin Anderson started the day third in chips, but those are all gone by now. He had just doubled up David Sands with against . On a flop with a king and ten some chips went in, and after a on the turn the rest followed.

Sands Doubles Through Anderson

The player under the gun made it 1,600 and Calvin Anderson in the cutoff made the call. The player on the button called as well, the small blind folded.

Sands Aces KO's Opponent

David Sands had his opponent in bad shape preflop when they got all the money in and Sands showed while his opponent showed . They saw the board . Sands knocked out his opponent and he is now up to 30,000.

Sands and Andrews Swap Stacks

Doc Sands limped in from the button, and Cherish Andrews raised to 2,300 from the small blind. Sands called and the players saw of flop of . Andrews continued for 3,500, and Sands again called.

Brenes Takes One from Sands

Humberto Brenes raised to 900 pre-flop, and Doc Sands called from the big blind. Both players checked when the flop came . The turn card was the , and this time Sands led out for 1450.

Sands Busts; Prompts Re-Draw

Rafal Michalowski opened to 14,000 from the cutoff and it folded to David Sands in the big blind who shipped all in for his last 133,000. Michalowski called and the hands were tabled.