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Tag: Dwyte Pilgrim

Dwyte Pilgrim Straightens Out to Stay Afloat

After his starting stack of 30,000 had dwindled to the danger zone, circuit grinder and accomplished pro Dwyte Pilgrim moved all in over the top of a 700 bet, risking for his last 2,925 on the flop.

Pilgrim Forces Fold

An early position player raised to 500 preflop, and Dwyte Pilgrim called from middle position, as did Brian Rast. The button and big blind also called. The flop fell , and the big blind checked.

King of the Hill

We noticed Dwyte Pilgrim's seat was empty, and his former neighbor George Hill trying to organize a truly enormous pile of chips. After a bit of investigation, we discovered that Hill ended Pilgrim's tournament by making a full house.

Pilgrim Rides the Mayflower

Circuit grinder Dwyte Pilgrim is known for his willingness to dive into any poker tournament, from the Rio's Daily Deepstack series to WPT Championships, and everything in between.

No Thanksgiving for this Pilgrim

After making quads earlier in the day to win a big pot, Dwyte Pilgrim appeared to be on the verge of a successful Day 1 run, but unfortunately one of the most well-liked grinders on the tournament circuit was eliminated sometime after the l

Dwyte Pilgrim Does it With Flair

Dwyte Pilgrim is well known on the tournament circuit for being one of the most gregarious, good natured players in the game.

Calling the Clock: Dwyte Pilgrim

We're back for another edition of Calling the Clock, this time with the one and only Dwyte Pilgrim! Video:

Pilgrim Takes A Small One From Peters

David Peters sat down at Table 5 and in his very first hand opted to raise to 525 from early position. The raise cleared the field all the way around to Dwyte Pilgrim in the small blind, he called, and the two saw a slop of .

Pilgrim Down, But Not Out

Michele Tocci open-shoved for 65,500 from early position, and Dwyte Pilgrim re-shoved on his direct left for 120,500. The rest of the players folded. Tocci: Pilgrim: The board ran out , and Tocci doubled.

Pilgrim Pushes; Volpe Vanishes

Dwyte Pilgrim opened to 5,300 from the cutoff and Paul Volpe called right next door from the button. The blinds released and the flop brought . Pilgrim checked to Volpe who seized this opportunity to put in a bet of 5,200.

"All In on Matt"

Paul Volpe opened to 3,300 from under the gun, Matt Waxman called in middle position, and Dwight Pilgrim defended his big blind. The dealer fanned , Pilgrim checked, and Volpe continued for 5,200.

Pilgrim Picks One Up

Dwyte Pilgrim checked the flop, and his opponent fired a bet of 1,725. Pilgrim check-raised to 4,575, and his opponent called. The turn was the , and Pilgrim bet 6,000.

Jacks Full For Pilgrim

We caught up to the action to see the board reading . Dwyte Pilgrim bet 12,000 into an already substantial pot against a lone opponent. Pilgrim's opponent called and the World Series of Poker Circuit legend showed for jacks full of deuces.

Dwyte Dinged Up

Dwyte Pilgrim raised it up to 2,600 in early position, and a middle position opponent moved all in for about 20,000. It folded around to Pilgrim, and he took some time to think.

Dwyte Doubles

Dwyte Pilgrim was still under his starting stack when the hand started, but he just scored a big double up to get back to almost 30,000. We caught up with the action on the turn, with the board reading .

Pilgrim Plummets

Despite the one round penalty he suffered earlier, it was still a great day for Dwyte Pilgrim, as he was up to over 30,000. However, he just lost a big pot that has him down to 14,000.

Pilgrim Gets a Funny Penalty

Christina Lindley called us over to tell us about a funny hand that she had with Dwyte Pilgrim that has led to Pilgrim getting a one round penalty. The flop came down , and it was checked to Lindley, who bet out 800.

Pilgrim Busts Massey

Aaron Massey has been eliminated and informed us of the details. He opened to 2,500 from the cutoff and Dwyte Pilgrim three-bet to 6,000 from the small blind. Massey re-raised to 21,500, Pilgrim shoved, and Massey called all in with .

Pilgrim Shoves

After the player in the cutoff raised to 2,000 and David Diaz called on the button, Dwyte Pilgirm three-bet jammed for about 19,000 from the small blind. Folds from both players gave Pilgrim the pot.

Pilgrim Chipping Up

With the board reading and a hefty 19,000 in the pot, Dwyte Pilgrim was all in for about 17,500. His opponent tanked for a good while and Pilgrim had plenty to say during that time. "You have a jack in your hand? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat.