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Global Poker Index: Nick Petrangelo Moves Up, Many Enjoy Barcelona Bounce

Jason Mercier is still the overall No. 1 and Anthony Zinno still leads the POY, but Nicholas Petrangelo is moving up in both Global Poker Index lists.

Mantel Sends Jattin to the Rail

After a series of unknown raises before the flop, Farid Jattin moved all in for approximately 45,000 against Ariel Mantel. Mantel called and the hands were revealed to find that he was in a dominating position.

Farid Jattin Eliminated in 13th Place (€63,300)

Farid Jattin was down to about 550,000 and shoved those in from early position. Action folded to Martin Finger in the big blind and he had a no-headache decision, he called instantly.

Aces for Streltsou on the Bubble

Andrei Streltsou raised to 60,000 and Farid Jattin three-bet to 140,000, to which Streltsou moved all in. Jattin called for 528,000 total and the showdown went as following.

Jattin Gets Lots From Stern

On a board Kevin Stani bet 54,000 from the small blind and Dani Stern called from the big. From the button it was Farid Jattin who raised to 183,000 and Stani folded.

Global Poker Index: Duhamel, Jacobson Currently Highest-Ranked Among Recent WSOP Champs

Dzmitry Urbanovich and Scott Seiver remain atop the GPI lists this week as we additionally look at how the last 12 WSOP Main Event champions are ranked.

Jattin Makes Senft Sweat

After unknown action a blind battle had turned into a very big preflop all in confrontation. The player in the small blind, Maximilian Senft, had the player in the big blind, Farid Jattin, covered.

Jattin Doubles Through Olsson

We caught up in time to see Farid Jattin all in and at risk from the small blind for 704,000 against Emil Olsson in the big blind.

Jattin Six-Bet Bluffs Kenny Tran

Farid Jattin raised to 15,000 from the hijack and Kenny Tran three-bet from the button to 43,000. Both blinds folded and Jattin did not waste must time before four-betting to 102,000.

Farid Jattin Falls

The player under the gun opened for 9,000 and two positions down it was Farid Jattin who shoved his 84,000 in. Fabiano Kovalski in the big blind seemed interested, and asked for a count. He then called, and the initial raiser folded.

Farid Jattin Eliminated in 6th Place ($174,352)

Hand 11: The action folded around to Jared Jaffee and he opened for 225,000. Merulla three-bet to 595,000 holding the button and Jattin decided to four-bet to defend his big blind. His four-bet to 1.

Paredes Jams over Jattin's Raise

Hand 1: Anthony Maio raised to 225,000 under the gun. Farid Jattin on the button was the only caller. Jattin bet 245,000 on the flop, and Maio called. The turn came . Maio quickly check-called 415,000.

Seat 6: Farid Jattin

Farid Jattin's already assured of banking the biggest cash of his poker career today at the final table of the World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship.

Seat 5: David Paredes

David Paredes currently sits as the 10th highest earner in terms of live tournament winnings from his native Massachusetts, with $864,661 in winnings over his seven-year career.

Day 4 of the Borgata Winter Poker Open WPT Main Event In the Books, Six-Handed TV Table Set

After four days of intense action on the felt a stacked field of 1,229 runners was whittled to just 36, and today that number was pared down to form one of the most exciting spectacles in the game: a World Poker Tour televised final table.

"Yes, I Liked That Door Card..."

After opening to 245,000 from under the gun, Farid Jattin watched Robert Merulla three-bet jam for 1.27 million more. Jattin asked for a count but before he could find out the accurate information, he suddenly announced a call and tabled .

Jattin's Got the Kicker

Farid Jattin raised to 230,000 from early position, and everyone folded to Kunal Patel, who defended his big blind. Both players checked the flop, and Patel fired out 330,000 on the turn.

Justin Lunin-Pack Eliminated in Eighth Place ($99,910)

Farid Jattin opened for a raise to 175,000 on the button, and Justin Lunin-Pack jammed for about 1 million in the big blind. Jattin called right away with , and his opponent had . "Good call," a player at the table said.

Jattin Shows a Bluff?

After losing a pot in which he raised, was called by Kunal Patel, and had to check-fold the river, Jared Jaffee seems unable to establish momentum here at the final table.

Jattin Takes Four-Bet Pot

Farid Jattin opened to 150,000 from the button, and Vladislav Mezheritsky made it 315,000 in the small blind. Jattin came back with a four-bet to 770,000, and Mazheritsky called after thinking for a minute.