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Tag: Gambling legislation

Russian Region Seeks To Fine Online Gamblers

Russian legislators in Tatarstan introduce a bill that would fine customers of unregulated online gaming sites.

Cali Horse Racing Industry Pledges Support of Online Poker Bill AB 2863 Via Letter

The California horse racing industry has come out in official support of online poker bill AB 2863 via a letter to Assemblyman Adam Gray.

Black Friday: Reliving Poker’s Darkest Day Five Years Later

On April 15, 2011, the poker world was rocked by Black Friday. Read all about the day that changed online poker forever on PokerNews.

Illinois Rep. Zalewski On DFS: "Need To Get Out of the Business of Banning Things"

At iGaming North America, State Representative Mike Zalewski spoke about the status of daily fantasy sports legislation in Illinois.

Insight Into Online Poker and DFS Legislation Progress in NY from Assemblyman Pretlow

Insight into online poker and daily fantasy sports legislation progress in New York from State Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow at the 2016 iGaming North America conference.

Cyprus To Vote On Casino Legislation On March 10

Nearly two years after Cyprus' authorities announced their intention to allow the construction of a casino resort, the Parliament is ready to seal the deal.

Germany Discussing a Liberalized Online Gaming Regime

German stakeholders discuss a liberalization in the country's online gaming legislation.

European Union Declares Germany's Online Gaming Laws Are Illegal

The Court of Justice for the European Union declared Germany's online gaming laws are illegal.

Japan Running Out of Time to Legalize Casinos Before the 2020 Summer Olympics

Japan once again tables discussion on the passing of the Integrated Resorts gaming bill, which would allow land-based casinos in the country.

Third Time's a Charm: After An Unproductive Two Years, Will 2016 Bring More Online Poker?

After two unproductive years, Internet poker is entering 2016 with some momentum on the legislative front.

2015 Online Poker Legislative Recap: Was an Uneventful Year Necessarily a Bad Thing?

The year 2015 turned out to be an uneventful one for online poker on the legislative front, but that wasn't necessarily a negative.

New Gaming Bill Could Be On the Way in Brazil

Brazil's budget crisis could be the catalyst to a bill passing to regulate online gaming in the country.

Pennsylvania iPoker Moving in Right Direction: Online Gaming Bill Passes GO Committee

Pennsylvania iPoker takes a step in the right direction, with online gaming bill HB 649 passing the GO Committee.

Russia Unveils the Tigre de Cristal Casino

Russia unveils the Tigre de Cristal casino in the Far East.

Russia Introduces Legislation to Potentially Prohibit Online Gaming Transactions

Russia introduces a Finance Bill which if passed could prohibit banks from processing online gaming transactions.

Here’s How Binyamin Netanyahu Plans to Bring Gambling to Israel

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appears to be country's strongest supporter for a plan to open the country's first legal brick-and-mortar casino.

The Insiders: All American Poker Network CEO David Licht on New York's iPoker Chances

David Licht, CEO of the All American Poker Network (AAPN), parent company to and, offers his take on online poker in New York.

Brazil Considering Gaming Legislation to Help Balance Its Budget

Brazil's budget crisis could be the catalyst to a bill passing to regulate online gaming in the country.

Swedish Gambling Minister Hopes To Accelerate New Gaming Laws

Sweden's Gambling Minster plans to accelerate his plan to introduce new gaming legislation to loosen Sweden's regulation of online gambling by 2018.