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All The Latest News from the 2015 WSOP

Tag: Gambling legislation

Lesniak: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is "Clueless" About Online Gambling

In an interview with PokerNews' Matthew Kredell, New Jersey Sen. Ray Lesniak said Gov. Chris Christie is "clueless" about online gambling.

State Sen. Lesniak Says PokerStars-Atlantic Club Deal Is Good for New Jersey

New Jersey State Sen. Raymond Lesniak doesn't think that Rational Group, the parent company of PokerStars, should have any trouble gaining the state's approval for its purchase the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel.

Online Poker Lobbyists Will Shift Focus from Federal to State-by-State Platform in 2013

PokerNews' Matthew Kredell expects the U.S. online poker lobby to shift its focus from a federal to state-by-state platform in 2013.

2012 Legislative Year in Review

Matthew Kredell takes a look at poker legislation in 2012.

PokerStars Granted License From The German State Of Schleswig-Holstein

PokerStars has been granted a license from the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, making it one of the first regulated online poker operators in Germany.

New Jersey Senate Passes Internet Gambling Bill With a 33-3 Vote

On Thursday, the New Jersey Senate passed its internet gambling bill with a 33-3 vote.

New Jersey's Online Gambling Bill Passed by State Assembly

New Jersey's Internet gambling bill passed through the state assembly and could be signed into law by the end of the year.

Report: Efforts to Pass U.S. Federal Online Poker Bill in 2012 Expire

Federal efforts to pass Internet poker legislation during the 2012 lame-duck session of Congress have expired.

Online Poker Bill Looking To Hitch a Ride During Final Weeks of Lame-Duck Session

The online poker bill is looking to hitch a ride during the final weeks of the lame-duck session.

New Jersey Looking To Pass Bill Before Year End

New Jersey looking to pass bill before year end, and Matthew Kredell spoke with NJ state senator Raymond Lesniak about internet gambling legislation moving in the state again.

What are Online Poker's Chances During the Congressional Lame-Duck Session?

Does online poker have a chance during Congress' lame-duck session?

Five Thoughts: The Shot-Clock Debate, Lisa Simpson Plays Online Poker, and More

Why tournament poker needs a shot clock, and a breakdown of The Simpsons' online poker episode.

Presidential Election Could Largely Influence Internet Poker Legislation in U.S.

The prospects for legislation to license and regulate Internet poker passing by the end of the year may be determined by the Presidential election in the U.S.

Poker Players Alliance Prepping Letter Detailing Concerns for Reid-Kyl Online Poker Bill

Poker Players Alliance prepping letter for Reid-Kyl online poker bill.

Opinion: Matthew Kredell Analyzes State Versus Federal Online Poker Legislation

Matthew Kredell analyzes state versus federal online poker legislation.

Five Thoughts: Howard Lederer Speaks

Howard Leder has ended his silence, and PokerNews is bringing you an exclusive series titled "The Lederer Files."

Summary Text of Reid-Kyl Internet Gambling Bill Goes Public

A look at the summary text of the Harry Reid and Jon Kyl Internet gambling bill.

Poker Players Alliance Releases Congressional Ratings Guide; Decline in Poker Opponents

According to the current Congressional Ratings Guide from the PPA, there has been a decline of poker opponents on Capitol Hill.

2012 GOP Platform Includes Clause That Seeks to Prohibit Internet Poker

For the fourth consecutive presidential election, Republicans have included a clause seeking to prohibit Internet poker in the GOP platform. On page 32 of the platform, under a section titled "Making the Internet Family-Friendly," the text...

NY Judge Rules Poker is a Game of Skill; Not Illegal Under Illegal Gambling Business Act

According to a New York judge, poker is a game of skill.