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Final Remaining Champion Seed Falls

Huck Seed opened to 8,500 in the cutoff, and Dan Smith three-bet to 21,000 on the button. The big blind went into the tank, and Smith called for time. As soon as the tournament director arrived, the big blind mucked.

Huck Seed; The Only World Champion Still Standing

Following the recent elimination of Chris Moneymaker, 1996 World Champion Huck Seed is the last remaining Main Event winner left in the field.

Moneymaker Flushed Out

After a series of bets and raises on a flop of , Chris Moneymaker was all in and at risk for 150,000 with for a set of eights. Raymond Ezzie had him at risk with for an ace-high flush draw, and the turn was the , giving him said flush.

Seed Spinning It Up

Huck Seed had around 3,000 early on Day 2, but he's footing, and the former Main Event champion is currently sitting with more than 60 big blinds.

Seed Backdoors a Flush, and Folds

Miguel Borrero check-called a bet of 7,300 from Huck Seed on the board before seeing the land on the river. Borrero piled out a bet of 20,575, and this sent Seed into the tank. Eventually, Seed folded and showed the for a heart flush.

Two Former Main Event Champs Duke It Out at the Feature Table

Earlier this level 1996 World Series of Poker Main Event champ Huck Seed scored an early elimination to bring his stack up to 60,000.

Seed Sends Bian Home Early

We made our way up to the feature stage to see which notables are playing on the ESPN mothership, and it was there that we discovered the likes of David Sklansky, Huck Seed, and Yang Bian. As fate would have it, we also caught a big hand.

Three Tales Of the Departed

Jimmy Fricke got his last 20,000 in with versus and couldn’t get there. Jason Tompkins was grinding a short stack for a long time and got it in good with but a on the river versus his opponents finished him off.

Singer's Three Treys Silence Seed

On fifth street, Huck Seed found himself all-in for his last 19,500 with both David Singer and George Danzer calling as Danzer bet sixth with Singer calling.

Ledford Eliminated

Huck Seed completed and both Brian Hastings and Alan Ledford made the call with Hastings betting fourth and Ledford moving all in with Seed folding, as both players' board ran out as follows: Seed: / (folded fourth) Hastings: / / L

Ivey Falls to Two Kings

We saw Phil Ivey get up from Table 361 and begin to exit the tournament area, which led us to believe that he had been eliminated.

Hastings Gets There

Brian Hastings: / / Daniel Negreanu: / / Huck Seed: / / Mike Matusow raised a Huck Seed bet on fourth only to fold on fifth as Seed continued betting with Negreanu and Hastings calling him all the way down.

More for Matusow; Seed Chipping Up

Mike Matusow: / / Matthew Wood: / / Wood brought it in, Matusow completed, and the action folded back to Wood, who called. Wood checked with his pair of deuces on fourth street, Matusow bet, and Wood called.

Stuery Over Seed

Stud Vitch: / -fold Steury: / Seed: / Christopher Vitch was the bring in and action folded around to Aaron Steury in late position. He completed and Huck Seed called from the next seat over.

Huck Seed Bursts the Bubble

Stud 8 A flock of people gathered around Huck Seed's table. Seed sat there, a sheepish grin on his face, and said "I got the worst hand. Go away.

Jason Riesenberg Leads After Day 1

Day 1 of Event #27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. is officially in the books! After 10 hours of mixed game play, just 144 players remain with Jason Risebenberg bagging up the biggest stack in the room with 72,600 in chips.

Seed Scoops Huge Pot

Stud 8 Huck Seed: // Opponent: // We get to the table with a massive amount of chips in the middle in action that was apparently capped on sixth street and saw Huck Seed's opponent call off the last of his chips on seventh street when

Quads For Seed

Limit Hold'em On a board of , a short stacked player is already all in for his tournament life. Huck Seed and another player are heads up for a side pot and the 1996 WSOP Main Event champion fires a bet.

Sexton Scores a Double

Stud-8 Mike Sexton found himself all in against Huck Seed as both player's board ran out as follows: Sexton: / / Seed: / / Sexton is now sitting with just on two big bets.

Brunson Looking Strong

Omaha 8 Doyle Brunson has cashed just once at the World Series of Poker since 2009, which was during last year's Main Event.