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Tag: Huck Seed

Be in Amir’s Shoes

Amir Lehavot reveals his thoughts behind each move when he cashed in a previous World Series of Poker Main Event.

1996 Main Event Champion Huck Seed Eliminated

Near the end of Level 2, former Main Event champion Huck Seed was sent to the rail by Imari Love, who filled us in on the details.

Huck Seed Eliminated in 11th Place ($147,882)

No-Limit Hold'em A short-stacked Huck Seed moved all in for 223,000 from middle position and received a call from Matthew Ashton in the cutoff. The rest of the field folded and the cards were turned up.

Seed Gives It Up

Limit Hold'em Action folded to 1996 World Series of Poker Main Event champ Huck Seed on the button and he raised. Matthew Ashton was next to act in the small blind and opted for a three-bet.

Trip Jacks for Gorodinsky

Stud Mike Gorodinsky: / / Huck Seed: / / Gorodinsky completed, Seed raised, and Gorodinsky called. Gorodinsky called a bet on fourth street, then raised Seed on fifth. Seed called.

Returning to the Money in the $50K

Of the 17 players who cashed, only five have previously cashed in this event. Of that bunch, Minh Ly leads the way with $665,763 in earnings coming from his third-place finish in 2011.

Burkholder in Trouble

Pot-Limit Omaha Huck Seed raised on the button, Troy Burkholder defended out of the big blind, and both players checked on a flop of . The turn was the , Burkholder led out for 40,000, and Seed called.

Glick Takes from Seed

No-Limit Hold'em Michael "The Hat" Glick raised to 37,000 on the button, Huck Seed defended his big blind, and the flop fell . Seed check-called a bet of 35,000, and the turn was the .

One More Hand!

2-7 Triple Draw After getting crippled in a 2-7 Triple Draw hand against Minh Ly and Don Nguyen, where-in Ly cold-called a three-bet before the first draw then took the pot down with a bet after the second draw, Juanda tripled on the final

Ly Takes Two Off Seed

Limit Hold'em From under the gun, Minh Ly raised before action folded to Huck Seed in the big blind. Seed called, and the flop came down . Seed checked, Ly bet, and Seed called.

Seed Doubles Through Juanda in PLO

Pot-Limit Omaha We didn't catch Huck Seed's recent double until after the hand when the dealer was pushing the pot. What we do know is that Seed doubled through John Juanda holding on a .

Baranov Over Seed

Pot-Limit Omaha With the board showing , Sergii Baranov fired a bet and after some time in the tank Huck Seed called. Baranov tabled for tens full, and Seed mucked.

Seed Stays Alive

Huck Seed opened to the maximum of 2,800 from under the gun only to have Thomas Keller slide a stack out to put Seed all in. Seed obliged and the cards were tabled.

Seed Versus Bellande

Action folded to Huck Seed in the small blind who made it 600 to go. Jean-Robert Bellande, busy with his phone but well aware what was happening, made the call from the big blind. The phone went aside for a bit as both drew a single card.

Seed Out; Butzhammer Triples

After Torstein Iversen busted 29th, Archie Karas called the bring-in with , Huck Seed moved in for his last 1,700 with , and Thomas Butzhammer raised to 3,000 with . Steve Diano called with , as did Karas.

Seed Doubles Up

We caught another hand with Huck Seed, and this time he was firing bets on every street. Seed: Opponent: Seed made it two bets to go on third street, and his opponent called.

Seed Lays One Down

Huck Seed check-called fourth street with against an opponent with . Both caught good on fifth: Seed with and his opponent with , but both checked. Seed then folded sixth when his opponent caught . He's now down to just over 15,000.

Seed Eliminates Opponent

We caught a hand with Huck Seed and his opponent just as she went all-in for 2,000 on 4th street. Here is how the hand ran out: Seed: Opponent: Seed won the hand and collected the 5,000 pot. His stack is currently at around 21,000.

Huck Seed in the House

Huck Seed, winner of the 1996 WSOP Main Event, has taken his seat in this tournament. In a recent hand, Seed raised on third street with the after Bill Chen completed showing the .

Huck Seed Eliminated in 23rd Place ($9,741)

George Danzer opened the action with a raise from the cutoff only to have Huck Seed three-bet from the button. Danzer four-bet when it came back to him and Seed five-bet all in. Danzer called and the hands were turned over.