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Ruzicka and Helppi Catch a Boat

Local grinder Vojtech Ruzicka raised in early position, Juha Helppi called on the button and Alex Goulder put in the chips required to call from the big blind.

Helppi Doubles Through Tremzin

Two spots from the money, on the last hand before the break, Juha Helppi raised from the button and chip leader Gleb Tremzin put him all in from the big blind. Helppi called all in for 102,000, and the showdown went as following.

Thorel Finds a Double Up on The River

Jean-Noel Thorel just moved all in for 55,500 and Juha Helppi moved all in over the top. The other players folded and the showdown went as follows. Thorel: Helppi: The board ran out and Thorel kept his tournament alive on the river.

Helppi Heads to the Sidelines

Juha Helppi, who finished third in this tournament last season, has bust and needs to reenter if he is to put in a repeat performances. Helppi open-shoved for 59,000 with what turned out to be and Vladimir Troyanovskiy called with .

Helppi Gets Some Back

Juha Helppi's not off to the start he'd wanted, but he just got some chips back from Ivan Luca. It looked as though the pot between Helppi, in the small blind, and Luca in the big, was limped, and the flop showed .

Rossiter Back to Even

Luuk Gieles opened for 2,500 and Vladimir Troyanovskiy made the call. Jeff Rossiter squeezed to 9,200 and Juha Helppi cold four bet to 28,700. Gieles and Troyanovskiy both folded but Rossiter had bigger plans and moved in for 109,700.

Not a Great Start for Rossiter

On the 5-handed table it was Jeff Rossiter who opened the cutoff for 2,500. His next door neighbor Juha Helppi called from the button before Luuk Gieles in the big blind squeezed to 11,000. Both Rossiter and Helppi called.

Good Start for Greenwood

After a raise from Juha Helppi on the button Sam Greenwood three-bet from the blinds to 8,500 and his Finnish opponent called. The flop brought out and Greenwood fired out 5,500, which got Helppi to fold right away.

Helppi Bubbles the Main Event

Georgios Zisimopoulos open-shoved the button and Juha Helppi called from the small blind for an effective stack of 186,000, putting himself at risk of elimination.

O'Dwyer Doubles

The table of Juha Helppi is nine-handed again after the arrival of Andrew Leathem and Donald Rae and the Finn said with his typical Scandinavian accent that Steve O'Dwyer had doubled up through him with jacks versus aces not long ago.

Helppi Uses New Chips

Chin Sin Chang shoved for 32,000 with from under the gun and Juha Helppi moved all in for three times of that with pocket tens. Jochum Weenink called the shove with the superior stack and but failed to improve and was left short.

Montury vs Helppi

In a four-bet pot preflop, Jean Montury and Juha Helppi went to war and the Frenchman found top pair and top kicker with on a queen high flop. Helppi check-raised the turn with pocket aces and scored a massive double up.

Wheeler Check-Raises the Flop

Juha Helppi had raised to 850 from under the gun and Jason Wheeler called, heading to a heads-up flop of . Wheeler checked, Helppi continued for 1,125 and then quickly folded as Wheeler had check-raised to 3,300.

Hall and Helppi in

Juha Helppi and Tom Hall entered after dinner and took seats right next to each other on the table of Julian Stuer and Rens Feenstra. The player in under the gun raised to 600 and Hall three-bet to 1,650 to get called by the initial raiser.

No Help for Helppi

Down to only 69,000 chips, Juha Helppi moved all in from the button and Mikita Badziakouski called from one seat over in the small blind.

Is that a Needle?

Juah Helppi fired 21,000 out of the big blind on the turn and Martin Finger immediately shot out of his chair. "So sick," the German said and then asked to see the stack of his opponent.

Big Stacks Tangle

Three healthy looking stacks sat behind each of Juha Helppi, Sylvain Loosli and Martin finger as they tangled in a pot moments ago. On a board to the turn, Helppi bet 37,000 into the 70,000-chip pot and Loosli called.

Khachatryn and Demidov Eliminated

Two Russians have been eliminated and one of them was PokerStars Team Pro Ivan Demidov. He opened and then called a three-bet by Juha Helppi from one seat over to find a flop of according to Keven Stammen.

Juha Helppi Bubbles

It folded around to Juha Helppi in the small blind and he jammed in his last 500,000. Jason Mercier made the quick call from the big blind and was in dominating position with the over Helppi's .

No Drama Yet

Juha Helppi pushed once from under the gun to steal the blinds and antes, Christopher Frank did the same after moving all in from the button and cutoff to enforce folds all around.