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Tag: Online Poker

Are Your Fancy Poker Moves Costing You Money?

Understanding "what level your opponents are at" is a crucial skill to develop in poker, as it indicates what at which level you yourself should be playing.

Why I Am a Tournament Poker Player

He admits it's a personal preference, but Matthew Pitt prefers multi-table poker tournaments over cash games. And he has lots of reasons why.

If You Lose a Few Hands, Don’t Lose Your Mind

Occasionally players feel the need to "get even" after having lost early in a session, sometimes becoming emotionally affected as a result.

“Let Others Go Nuts”: Matt Jarvis Offers 6-Max No-Limit Hold'em Tourney Advice

Matt Jarvis has had considerable success in short-handed no-limit hold'em tournaments, and offers some valuable advice to beginning six-max players.

Four Tips for Navigating Large Low Buy-In Online Poker Tournament Fields

Low buy-in, large field online tournaments can be a very profitable form of poker if approached with the right strategy and a lot of patience.

Deceive Others at the Poker Table, But Not Yourself

Deception is a big part of poker, but while it's good to mislead and misdirect others at the table with your play, don't deceive yourself about your game.

“Move Up Where They Respect Your Raises”… Actually, Don’t!

Frustrations with losing to lesser-skilled poker players should not inspire you to move up in stakes to "where they respect your raises."

Defending Your Blinds Versus a Steal

When playing tournaments, defending your blinds versus steal attempts is an important skill to learn. Learn when to call and when to reraise in this spot.

A Guide to Setting Up Your Online Poker Heads Up Display (HUD)

Matthew Pitt discusses pros and cons of using a "Heads Up Display" (HUD) when playing online poker, with tips for what to include when setting up your HUD.

The 3 Factors That Should Determine Your Cash Game Buy-In

When buying into a cash game, should you buy in for a lot, a little, or somewhere in between? Here are three factors that should affect your choice.

Five Tips for Beating Small-Stakes Online Poker Tournaments

Matthew Pitt draws on his own experience in small stakes, large field online tourneys to provide five tips for turning a tiny buy-in into a handsome payoff.

An Introduction to Selling Action for Tournament Players

Josh Cahlik provides an introduction to "selling action" in tournaments as a way to lessen variance and/or take shots at higher stakes.

Three Factors to Consider When Taking Shots at Higher Stakes

Taking shots at higher stakes can be a good way to build a bankroll, although certain factors should be considered before moving up in stakes too rapidly.

CardRunners Training: Pawel "verneer" Nazarewicz Finds Leaks in a Member's Game

In his latest training video, CardRunners instructor Pawel "verneer" Nazarewicz reviews the play of CardRunners member "HeyitsClay" at $25NL six-max on PokerStars.

CardRunners Training: Scott "iRock" Augustine Discusses Board Texture, Bluffing and More

Check out this training video from CardRunners instructor Scott "iRock" Augustine, who covers topics such as board texture, bet sizing and bluffing.

Learn.PokerNews Weekly: Survive Large Field Tourneys, Short Stacks, and Trouble Hands

The Learn.PokerNews Weekly highlights both recent and previous strategy articles, series, and features of interest to poker players of all skill levels.

CardRunners Instructor Scott "iRock" Augustine Discusses Overbetting, Barreling and More

Check out this training video from CardRunners instructor Scott "iRock" Augustine, who covers topics such as overbetting and barreling.

CardRunners Offers Exclusive Deal for PokerNews Readers

From now until March 17, PokerNews readers can get two months of CardRunners for only $30 ($160 value).

Strategy Vault: Applying Leverage with Amanda Musumeci

In this edition of the Strategy Vault from PokerNews, Amanda Musumeci discusses leveraging and how to use the tactic in poker tournaments.

Strategy Vault: Cold Four-Bet Bluffing with Randal Flowers, Pt. 2

In this edition of the Strategy Vault from PokerNews, Randal Flowers elaborates on the cold four-bet bluff using a hand example.