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Antonius Eliminated by De Meulder

On the feature table we just caught the end of Patrik Antonius' elimination. Antonius was all in for just 26,000 chips against Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder and the showdown went as following.

Antonius' Bluff Goes Wrong

People watching the live stream just saw Patrik Antonius blow through most of his stack. He tangled with Rui Sousa in a hand where Antonius check raised on and Sousa made the call.

Antonius Tanks for 10 Minutes

We just caught the end of a big in hand in which Finnish poker star Patrik Antonius went into the tank for well over 10 minutes, and well into the break, before folding in a huge pot.

EPT Austria Champions Clash

EPT Season 2 Baden champion Patrik Antonius got his chips in the middle against EPT Vienna Season 7 champion Michael Eiler. Antonius, seated in the small blind, was all in for 98,000. Eiler in the hijack was the one putting him at risk.

Antonius Gets a Three-Bet Through

From the cutoff seat, Michael Eiler raised to 9,000. After Thore Nordboe called on the button, Patrik Antonius three-bet to 34,000 from the small blind. Play folded back to Eiler, he folded, and then Nordboe went into the tank.

Petrangelo Leads 343 Remaining Players Into Day 3

Welcome back to Day 3 of the 2015 European Poker Tour Barcelona €5,300 Main Event. It sounds as thought 1,700 players entered the event, although official numbers will be confirmed at the start of Day 3 play, and just 343 of them remain.

Antonius Working (With) Nine To Five

Frank Blumlein raised it up from middle position and Menno Mensonides made the call. Patrik Antonius in the big blind over called and the three of them saw a flop of . Antonius checked and Blumlein made a continuation bet.

Antonius Ousted

Patrik Antonius started the day out with very few chips, and he was soon all in for his last 37,500. Antonius' shove was called by Jeff Rossiter. Antonius: Rossiter: The board ran out , and Antonius exited the tournament area.

Tollerene Frustrated Over Missing Chips

"What do you think is more likely, that I miscounted five times last night, or that something went wrong today?" Ben Tollerene frustratedly said to the tournament staff.

Antonius Loses Some to Luca

Ivan Luca opened to 11,000 under the gun and Patrik Antonius in the big blind was the sole caller. Both players checked on and the hit the turn. Antonius bet out 16,000 and Luca called. The river came the and Antonius checked.

Streltsou Takes Some From Antonius

The board showed when Andrei Streltsou bet 22,000 after Patrik Antonius had checked to him. Antonius tanked for a long time before slowly sliding chips forward in order to make the call.

Antonius in the Building

Finnish poker legend, and the all-time money leader for his country, Patrik Antonius has joined the Super High Roller in Barcelona. Antonius was spotted with a new look, but his impressive stare hasn't changed one bit.

Seiver Gives Up

Andrew Robl opened for $2,500 and got three-bet to $8,500 by Patrik Antonius. Scott Seiver made it $24,000 to go from the button and Robl called. Antonius decided to let them duke it out heads up, and the flop came .

Another High-Stakes Tennis Match with Patrik Antonius and Brandon Adams On the Way

Although Patrik Antonius recently busted from the €10,600 Main Event, there's plenty more events for him to get in on, like the one-day €50,000 Super High Roller.

The Ladies Dethrone King Antonius

We missed the elimination of Patrik Antonius, but upon hearing of his demise we made our way over to his former table to garner some details.

Antonius Loses One

With 2,000 in the pot and a board reading , Patrik Antonius bet 1,000 from the small blind and then called when his middle-position opponent raised to 2,800.

Antonius Bluffs to Bust

Just before the break, Patrik Antonius left the building after bluffing off his stack to Michael Addamo, who leapt up to 290,000 chips.

Enter Antonius

Patrik Antonius has entered the tournament.

Antonius vs. Negreanu: Only One Will Survive

A big pot just took place between two of the world's most popular players in Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius. It was a hand that would see one of them fall.

Duhamel Eliminated by Antonius

Paul Phua opened to 6,500 preflop from UTG, Patrik Antonius made it 24,000 from UTG+1, action was passed around to Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel who moved all in for about 80,000. Phua folded but Antonius called instantly.