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Antonius' Stay Short and Not That Sweet

In one of the hands of Level 5, Olivier Busquet, who has been on fire as of late, raised to 1,100 from the button and was met by a three-bet to 3,900 by Patrik Antonius from the big blind.

Antonius Takes It on the Turn

Action folded to Olivier Busquet on the button and he opened for 1,100. Jeff Rossiter called from the small blind, Patrik Antonius did the same from the big, and the three players took a flop of , which they all checked.

Patrik Antonius Eliminated by Martin Kabrhel

In a battle of the blinds, Patrik Antonius raised to 16,000 and Martin Kabrhel called. On the flop , Antonius fired 15,000 and was called before the appeared on the turn. Now Antonius made it 41,000 to go and again Kabrhel called.

Vladic's Raise Scares off Antonius

Patrik Antonius raised to 12,000 with the and Stipo Vladic flat-called in the cutoff with , Hans Olymp filled up with in the small blind. The flop was checked through, same happened on the turn as well.

Antonius Gives Up the Turn

Stipo Vladic raised from under the gun with the and Patrik Antonius defended his small blind with the . On the flop , Antonius check-called a continuation bet and then gave up the turn to a second barrel worth 38,000.

Straight for Antonius

Stipo Vladic raised from early position with the and Pierre Mothes flat-called from one seat over with the . Patrik Antonius filled up out of the big blind with and flopped the nut straight on the flop .

Antonius Smiling Again

Philipp Zukernik raised to 11,000 with the and Patrik Antonius three-bet to 25,000 from one seat over. Martin Kabrhel folded pocket sixes in the small blind and Stipo Vladic tank-folded in the big blind.

Antonius Jams

Hand Olymp raised with the and then called the three-bet of Patrik Antonius for 25,000. The flop fell and Olymp gave up his small pocket pair, revealing the . Antonius had improved with to win the pot and start a comeback.

Vladic vs Antonius

After a four-way flop of , Patrik Antonius bet 20,000 from under the gun with the and Stipo Vladic called with the . On the turn, Antonius checked and Vladic then bet 31,000 to receive a call from the Finn.

Antonius vs Olymp

Patrik Antonius raised to 11,000 with the and Hans Olymp called in the big blind with the . On the flop , Olymp chekc-called a bet of 13,000 and did so again for 30,000 on the turn.

The Creativity Rises

On the river of a board, Patrik Antonius bet 11,000 with the and Hans Olymp eventually called with the for queen-high to win the hand. Even Antonius had to chuckle.

An Ace is Enough

Philipp Zukernik opened to 9,000 with the showing and Patrik Antonius three-bet from one seat over with the . Zukernik quickly mucked in a battle of the smaller stacks.

Zukernik Defends and Folds

Patrik Antonius raised to 5,200 and Philipp Zukernik defended his big blind to see the flop come . The Canadian checked and then quickly folded to a continuation bet of his opponent.

Kabrhel vs Antonius

Patrik Antonius had chipped up nicely over the past half an hour and then faced a raise by Martin Kabrhel for 5,500. Franco Cantarella called and so did the Finn in the big blind.

Kabrhel With Tens

Patrik Antonius again raised up the action and found a caller in Martin Kabrhel out of the big blind. The Czech check-called a bet worth 14,000 on the turn before the on the river was checked down.

Antonius vs Hot

Just in the previous hand, Besim Hot had bet 13,000 into a pot of 34,000 from the small blind with the board reading . Patrik Antonius raised to 48,000 and that won the pot without showdown.

Zech First Casualty on Day 2

On the three-way flop of , the action was checked to Martin Kabrhel and he bet 6,600. Patrik Antonius called out of the big blind and Quirin Zech moved all in from one seat over for 53,400.

Cantarella Gets Frustrated

Patrik Antonius raised to 4,000 from under the gun and Franco Cantarella as well as Besim Hot called.

Antonius Learns from Kabrhel

Patrik Antonius had won another middle-sized pot and then jumped straight into the action again. On the flop , the Finn and Franco Cantarella checked behind on the button.

Kabrhel Takes from Antonius

Joining the action on the turn with 23,000 chips in the middle, Martin Kabrhel bet 14,800 out of the small blind and Patrik Antonius called. The came on the river and Kabrhel checked before Antonius fired 22,000.