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Tag: Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated

Phil Hellmuth's quest for a 14th bracelet will have to wait until the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific in October, as "The Poker Brat" has been eliminated in the latter stages of Day 2c.

Queens No Good for Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth and Matt Waxman saw a flop of in a raise pot, and Hellmuth checked out of the blinds. Waxman bet 3,000, Hellmuth called, and the two players checked on the turn ().

Two Hands with Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth opened to 600 in the cutoff, and the player on the button made it 1,800 to go. Hellmuth called, and both players checked the flop. Hellmuth checked again on the turn, and his opponent bet 2,000.

Hellmuth Lays Down to Flop Raise

We found Phil Hellmuth with 4,000 in front of him in a large pot, the flop reading . His opponent thought for awhile before raising to 11,000. Hellmuth pulled out his headphones, exaggerated a shrug, then put them back in.

Hellmuth Bets Small, Gets Paid

Phil Hellmuth defended his big blind from a middle-position raise, and both players checked the flop. After a turn, Hellmuth checked again and his opponent bet an unknown amount by throwing out a T1,000 chip and verbalizing his bet.

Hellmuth's First Three-Bet

Phil Hellmuth just three-bet on one of his first hands in the 2014 Wold Series of Poker Main Event and he was immediately four-bet. "Really? I get reraised again on my first reraise of the tournament?" Hellmuth said.

Hellmuth and Dwan Enter the Room

Eyes lit up and fans started smiling as two tall gentleman made their way through the Amazon Room to their designated tables.

Johnny Chan The Master

With more than $8.6 million in career tournament earnings and two WSOP Main Event titles, Johnny Chan is a true master of the game.

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated in 6th Place ($46,885)

Phil Hellmuth: / / Todd Brunson: / / Brunson brought it in, Hellmuth completed, and the latter check-called a bet on fourth street. Hellmuth then check-raised Brunson on fifth, Brunson called, and Hellmuth checked again on sixth.

"I'm Easy, Kid"

"They will not let me win a pot!" Phil Hellmuth blurted out after he brought in and James Obst raised.

Landfish Doubles

Steve Landfish: / / James Obst: / / Phil Hellmuth brought it in with the , Landfish completed, and Obst raised. Only Landfish called. Obst led out on fourth street, Landfish called, and Land fish made a better board on fifth.

Aces and Kings for Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth: / / Todd Brunson: / / On sixth street, Hellmuth bet and Brunson called. This prompted Hellmuth to bet dark before either player received their final card.

Henry Orenstein Eliminated in 8th Place ($31,419)

After eliminating Jesse Martin in ninth place, Phil Hellmuth just sent Henry Orenstein to the rail in eighth. Orenstein was all in on sixth street holding / against Hellmuth's / , and he needed a diamond on seventh street to double up.

Jesse Martin Eliminated in 9th Place ($26,299)

Phil Hellmuth: / / Jesse Martin: / / Martin was all in on third street against Hellmuth. Hellmuth was ahead with a pair of sixes on third, and then he added a second pair of deuces on fourth street.

Martin Stays Alive

Phil Hellmuth: / — fold Jesse Martin: / / Steve Landfish: / / James Obst: / / On third street, Hellmuth was the bring-in, Martin called all in, Landfish called, and then Obst called.

"You Deserve It, Nice Hand"

Phil Hellmuth: / / Matt Grapenthien: / — fold Steve Landfish: / / James Obst: / — fold Grapenthien was the bring-in, then Landfish completed, Obst called, and Hellmuth raised.

Hellmuth Tried To Take It

Ben Yu: / / Phil Hellmuth: / — fold Hellmuth was the bring-in, and Yu completed. Hellmuth called. Then on fourth street, Yu bet, Hellmuth raised and said right away, "I'll take it now, Ben." Yu called.

Jacks Up for Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth: / / Steve Landfish: / / On fourth street, Landfish led with a bet and Hellmuth called. On fifth street, the came action occurred, and then on sixth street, Hellmuth raised after Landfish bet. Landfish called.

Obst Talks The Talk

On fourth street Steve Landfish had a pair of fours showing and he bet, James Obst raised. Landfish three-bet and Obst called. On fifth Landfish bet and Obst called. On sixth and seventh the same process repeated itself.

Brunson Shows Hellmuth Respect

Phil Hellmuth: / — fold Todd Brunson: / Hellmuth check-called a bet on fourth street, and then checked to Brunson on fifth. Brunson bet, and Hellmuth gave it up, but Brunson was kind enough to show him the from his down cards.