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Tag: Phil Ivey

Keeline Gets There to Double; Mader Joins Field

Ben Keeline wagered an unknown amount after his opponent checked to him from the small blind on a board of . The small blind raised to 4,000, and Keeline shoved all in for 13,800. The small blind quickly called.

Phil Ivey's Run Comes To An End

From under the gun, John Kabbaj raised to 20,000, and then action folded over to Phil Ivey in the hijack seat. Ivey, who won his 10th gold bracelet earlier this summer, reraised to 55,000.

Ivey Loses Another

After losing a 350,000-chip flip to Bruno Politano earlier in the level, Phil Ivey just lost more to Politano and is now below 400,000 for the first time today.

Ivey Has New Company

Phil Ivey’s starting table on Day 4 just broke, so Ivey waited around the ESPN stage while his new table was moved from across the Amazon Room.

Ivey Sets the Trap, Keranen Doesn't Bite

Jing Wang opened to 12,000 from under the gun, Kyle Keranan three-bet to 29,000 from middle position, and action folded over to Phil Ivey in the big blind.

Ivey Busts Gaudio at the Mothership

After a slow start at the ESPN feature table in which Phil Ivey didn't win a hand during the first orbit, Ivey is trending up again after eliminating Robert Gaudio.

Four-Bet From Ivey Takes It

Jason Sackler opened to 9,000 in the cutoff, Peter Neff three-bet to 21,000 on the button and Phil Ivey four-bet to 54,000 from the big blind.

Ivey Raps

Phil Ivey called a raise from the player in first position and the big blind came along for the ride. Three went to the flop and the dealer spread .It was checked to the raiser and he continued for 10,000.

Ivey Makes a Flush

Phil Ivey just knocked out another player but his stack has been fairly stable for the last little while. The lady to Ivey's right moved all in for 37,500 and Ivey called from the cutoff.

The First "Millionaire" of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event

Over on Phil Ivey's table, we've just spotted Mehrdad Yousefzadeh with a monster stack! A close examination taught us that Yousefzadeh now sits on 1,050,000 chips and that means he's the first player up to over one million chips during this

PokerNews Podcast Episode #237: Gruissem Twosome feat. Igor Kurganov and Philipp Gruissem

Phil Ivey is the chip leader of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event going into Day 3, so naturally he is the main topic of conversation.

Ivey Loses a Little

Phil Ivey opened the action for a raise and found a caller in the other big stack at the table, Mehrdad Yousefzadeh. The flop came and Ivey continued with his pre-flop aggression by making a bet of 11,000.

Ivey Chops and Then Loses

Phil Ivey just raised to 5,100 and the player in the big blind defended. The flop came down and Ivey's opponent check-called 7,500. On the turn the hit and the big blind checked again after which Ivey bet 17,500.

What if Ivey Shoves?

Phil Ivey and Kearns Julien checked to Cong Pham on a board of , and Pham tossed out a bet of 38,500. Ivey quickly called, and Julien tanked for several minutes before calling the clock on himself.

Even the Little Ones Count

Phil Ivey raised on the button to 3,800 after action folded to him. The two players in the blinds folded, and Ivey won the pot to pick up the blinds and antes.

Ivey Up to 600K

Phil Ivey has chipped up to 600,000 chips after evidently making quads. We are hunting down the details at the moment.

Willis Doubles Through Ivey

Phil Ivey raised from early position to 3,800. Action then folded to Robert Willis in the big blind, and he reraised all in for 12,500. Ivey called with the , and Willis had the .

Ivey's "Not a One-Beer Man"

After Danny Johnson started the festivities by ordering "last-level beers" at his table, which includes Phil Ivey, the rest of the table has joined in — including Ivey himself.

Ivey Folds

After an opening raise from the cutoff seat to 3,000, Phil Ivey called from the small blind, and the flop came down . Ivey checked, his opponent bet 4,000, and Ivey folded.

Ivey Over 500K

There was a raise to 2,000 from early position, and Phil Ivey, who is enjoying a lucky apple from Pat and Mel Humphries, asked the player how many chips he had.