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Juanda Not Happy With Ivey

John Juanda was embroiled in a discussion regarding some kind of fantasy poker bet with Paul Newey, but took a little time out to defend his big blind against a Dario Sammartino 10,000-chip open.

Remko Report Ep. #19: Eli Elezra Talks Time in Israeli Army and High-Stakes with Legends

Eli Elezra joins Remko Rinkema to talk about his days as a lieutenant in the Israeli Army, moving to Alaska (then Las Vegas), building a business, and playing high-stakes poker against legends like Doyle Brunson, David "Chip" Rees

Ivey Eliminated by Seiver

Scott Seiver raised to 25,000 from the hijack and Phil Ivey called from the cutoff. The flop came down and Seiver continued for 30,000. Ivey called to see the turn where Seiver bet 65,000. Another call from Ivey landed the river.

Morgan Doubles Through Ivey

Phil Ivey raised to 26,000 and John Morgan moved all in for 111,000. Ivey gave it some thought and made the call, creating the following showdown.

Kaverman Slides After Losing Two in a Row

From the cutoff seat, Byron Kaverman raised to 18,000. Phil Ivey reraised from the button to 57,000, and play folded back to Kaverman. He called, and the two took a flop of . Kaverman checked, Ivey bet 50,000, and Kaverman folded.

Ivey Fires the River Big

Phil Ivey raised under the gun to 19,000 and Byron Kaverman called from the big blind. The flop brought out and Kaverman check-called 25,000. On the turn the hit and Kaverman check-called another 52,000.

Holz Gone, Seiver Crushing, and Ivey Talking

Scott Seiver has been on a tear lately, and he just won two more important pots. One he took off John Morgan, and in the other he busted Fedor Holz. First, we picked up the action with the board showing .

Holz Gets Some from Ivey

Fedor Holz raised from the cutoff to 11,000 and Phil Ivey three-bet to 30,000 from the button. Both blinds folded and Holz made the call. The flop brought out and Holz check-called 40,000. On the turn the hit and both players checked.

Drinan Raises the Flop in Position

From under the gun, Dan Smith raised to 5,500. Phil Ivey called in the cutoff seat, Connor Drinan called from the button, and Isaac Haxton called from the big blind. All four players were prompted with the flop, and Haxton checked.

Ivey Can't Catch Esfandiari

Jean-Robert Bellande raised to $3,500 and got two customers, Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari (button). Bellande bet $8,000 on the flop, and Ivey called. Esfandiari made it $28,000, and both opponents called.


Play has resumed, and Doyle Brunson headed for the hills, leaving a six-handed game in his wake.

Bellande Goes to War Preflop With an Eight

Bob Bright opened to $4,500 in the cutoff. Jean-Robert Bellande fired out $13,000 from the button. Phil Ivey cold-called, and Antonio Esfandiari made it $50,000 in the straddle.

Brunson Calls Down Ivey

Doyle Brunson opened for $3,500 under the gun, and Phil Ivey called on the button. Brunson bet $7,000 on the flop, and Ivey raised to $20,000. Brunson called, and the turn brought the .

Bellande Getting Aggro Preflop

Every pot is seemingly straddled or double straddled right now. Jean-Robert Bellande just turned the preflop aggression up big time and reaped a pair of pots.

Esfandiari Coming After Ivey

The war between Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Ivey continues, and it's clear after a recent pot that the former isn't afraid to go after the man some consider the world's best all-around player.

Esfandiari Bets Big Versus Ivey

Three players put in $15,000 each preflop and saw a flop of . Jennifer Tilly was first to act in the small blind, and she led out for $30,000. Phil Ivey called from the hijack, and then Antonio Esfandiari raised to $100,000 from the button.

Brunson Picks Off Ivey; Straddle Comes Off

Phil Ivey raised to $4,000 from the big blind, and Doyle Brunson called from the straddle. The flop came , and both checked. Ivey bet $6,000 on the , and Brunson called. Ivey fired $17,000, nearly the pot, on the .

Tilly Leads Into Ivey

Phil Ivey opened for a raise in the cutoff, and Jennifer Tilly defended her big blind. She check-called $4,000 on the , and then another $11,000 on the turn.

We're Off

The game is off and running, and Phil Ivey has taken the first pot, calling a raise of $3,000 from Bob Bright, who check-called a king-high flop and check-folded to $14,000 on the turn.

Game Will Start Soon

The Super High Roller Cash Game will begin shortly. For those interested in watching the live stream on Twitch, click here to view the Poker Central Twitch channel. The game is scheduled to run approximately 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.