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Tag: Poker and the Law

Pair Fined £32,000 For Organising Illegal Poker Tournaments

Pair ordered to pay more than £32,000 after operating illegal poker tournaments in London.

Russian Region Seeks To Fine Online Gamblers

Russian legislators in Tatarstan introduce a bill that would fine customers of unregulated online gaming sites.

French Senate Approves Shared Player Liquidity

The French Senate approved an amendment to its gaming regime to allow for shared player liquidity with other countries.

Adelson and Amaya Both Hire Lobbying Firms In the Fight for Internet Gaming in the U.S.

The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling and Amaya Services Ltd. are engaging with lobbyists in the fight for internet gaming in the U.S.

Anitra Steen Steps Down as Chairwoman of Sweden's Svenska Spel Siting Social Responsibility

Swedish politician and executive Anitra Linnéa Steen is stepping down as Chairwoman of the country's state-owned monopoly gaming company Svenska Spel siting social responsibility.

Phil Ivey's £7.8 Million Appeal in Crockfords Case Began Yesterday

Phil Ivey's appeal on a court decision denying him £7.8 million in Punto Banco winnings began on April 13.

Online Poker May Become Regulated in Poland

Poland's government is expected to introduce a draft which could start the process to regulate online poker.

Rosen Law Firm Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Amaya

A global investor-rights law firm is seeking to recover damages for Amaya investors under the federal securities laws.

Koen Everink Murder Case Rumored To Be About €80,000 Poker Debt

Authorities have reason to believe a poker debt might be the motive in the death of self-made millionaire Koen Everink.

Brazil's Gaming Bill Makes Progress Despite Protests Against the Government

Due to the long-running economic recession in Brazil, the country's government is believed to be seriously considering voting into law Bill 186, which if passed would lead to regulated and legalized online poker.

Confusion Arises As Dutch Court Rules Poker a Game of Chance

The Amsterdam Court of Appeals overturned a ruling that poker is a game of skill and deemed it a game of chance.

Taxation May Lead the Way To Online Poker Legislation in Russia

Due to the ongoing financial crisis in Russia, many industry analysts believe that online poker could become legalized and regulated in the country.

Cyprus To Vote On Casino Legislation On March 10

Nearly two years after Cyprus' authorities announced their intention to allow the construction of a casino resort, the Parliament is ready to seal the deal.

Germany Discussing a Liberalized Online Gaming Regime

German stakeholders discuss a liberalization in the country's online gaming legislation. Exits Austria To Avoid Double Taxation, the French-regulated client of PokerStars, announced last week to its Austrian player base that it will no longer be servicing players residing in the country starting at 10:00 ET on March 1, 2016.

Poker Bot Defendants Found Not Guilty of Fraud by Swedish Court of Appeals

The Swedish Court of Appeals acquitted five poker players of fraud despite overwhelming evidence of them using poker bots.

India's Stars Poker Room Raided by Police During Its Inaugural Poker Series

The Stars Poker Room located in Indiranagar, India was raided by local police earlier this month during the start of its inaugural poker series.

European Union Declares Germany's Online Gaming Laws Are Illegal

The Court of Justice for the European Union declared Germany's online gaming laws are illegal.

France Could Consider the Sharing of Online Poker Liquidity Come April

French legislators could be considering an amendment which would shared liquidity for dot-fr poker rooms.