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Highlights from Ivey/Borgata Deposition: Booze, Pretty Cocktail Waitresses and More

PokerNews obtained a portion of Phil Ivey's March 26 deposition regarding his edge-sorting case against Borgata. Here are some highlights.

Philippines Representative Calls for Probe Into "Illegal Gambling Operations"

The Philippines House of Representatives will be probing into illegal gaming activities, specifically based in special economic zones.

Phil Ivey and Borgata Spar Over Destroyed Edge-Sorting Evidence

According to Maurice "Mac" VerStandig, Borgata's destruction of edge-sorting evidence may not help Phil Ivey as much as he hopes.

Caesars Agrees to Pay $20 Million Penalty Over Anti-Money Laundering Lapses

Caesars Entertainment Corp has reached a $20 million deal with the Justice Department to settle charges over anti-money laundering lapses.

Borgata Counterfeiter Christian Lusardi Pleads Guilty; Faces Up to 5 Years in Prison

Christian Lusardi, the notorious Borgata chip counterfeit, pleaded guilty to second-degree trademark counterfeiting. Must pay $463,540 in restitution.

Mexico Expected to Pass New Gaming Regime by the End of the Year

A new gaming regime in Mexico, which would cover both online and live gambling, is expected to be passed by legislators by the end of the year.

Despite Kind Words from Judge, Poker Still Constitutes Illegal Gambling in Wisconsin

This week, Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Richard G. Niess was called upon to determine whether poker in Wisconsin is a game of luck versus skill.

Online Poker Proponent Sen. Ray Lesniak to Run for Governor of New Jersey

Online poker proponent Senator Ray Lesniak told PokerNews he is planning a run for governor of New Jersey in 2017.

Mafia and Gambling Investigation Calls for an Update of Malta's Gambling Laws

Is Malta's gambling legislation good enough to keep the organized crime out of gambling?

Swiss Man to Pay £2 Million to a Casino After Failing to Prove Gambling Disorder

Swiss businessman must pay the Ritz Casino over $3 million after he fails to prove he has a gambling disorder.

Malta’s Former Prime Minister’s Son Named in Mafia and Gambling Investigation

The name of Malta's former Prime Minister's Lawrence Gonzi son, David Gonzi has been formally included in the gambling-related investigation started by Italy's Anti-Mafia Police.

Italy's Police Arrest 41 in Illegal Gambling and Money Laundering Operation

An operation named "Gambling" and coordinated by Italy's Anti-Mafia Police led to the arrest of 41 individuals and the seizure of cash and assets for more than €2 billion on Wednesday, July 22.

Gaming in Germany: “It Is High Time That The State Treaty On Gambling Be Revised”

The European Commission questions Germany about its online gaming marketplace.

Online Poker Pulled from California Hearing; Horse Racing Tracks Adverse to Compromise

Online poker was not discussed at Wednesday's California Assembly Governmental Organization Committee hearing.

WSOP Insights: The Asset Forfeiture Boogie Monster

Contrary to popular belief, asset forfeiture is not a blackhole into which innocent citizens regularly lose their hard-earned cash and assets.

SealsWithClubs' Bryan Micon Pleads Guilty to Avoid Jail Time

Bryan Micon, the man behind the bitcoin poker site SealsWithClubs, has agreed to plead guilty for running an unlicensed online poker room from Las Vegas.

SealsWithClubs Founder Bryan Micon to Appear in Court on Thursday

After four months spent in Antigua, the founder of SealsWithClubs (SWC) Brian Micon is heading back to the U.S. to face charges for illegal gambling.

WSOP Insight: A Poker Player’s Guide to Divorce

PokerNews law contributor Maurice "Mac" VerStandig offers a poker player's guide to divorce.

WSOP Insight: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, All-In

There is a long and proud history of people turning litigious after dropping wads of cash while downing rounds in Atlantic City casinos.