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Maybe He Should Have Taken the Blue Pill ...

Four-time NBA All-Star and Dallas Mavericks phenom Shawn "The Matrix" Marion has just been busted from WSOP Event #56 at the hands of Khiem Nguyen.

Marion Still In the Game

NBA All-Star Shawn Marion was looking at a raise of 800 in the big blind. With only the original raiser left in the hand, Marion moved all in for just over 2,800.

Marion's a Beast

From middle position, NBA-star Shawn Marion opened the pot with a raise to 225. The big blind called and the two players saw a flop heads up. The dealer spread out the and both players checked.

A Champ of a Different Kind

It seems fitting that the Rio was playing the pump up jams before today's start because we just spotted Shawn Marion in today's field. The former UNLV-star and first-round draft pick just won a world championship with the Dallas Mavericks.

Marion Puts Up A Brick!

On a flop of , Shawn Marion fired out 2,000 only to have the small blind check-raise to 7,000. "You're trying to get me out of here huh?" prodded Marion at his opponent.

He's Heating Up!

With the board reading , Shawn Marion called a bet of 7,100 from his opponent. The river then completed the board with the and Marion's opponent fired 8,500. Marion thought and then raised all in for about 22,000.

Marion's Heating Up!

With exactly 6,150 in the pot and the flop reading , the big blind checked as a player fired out 3,500.

Marion Slam-a-Jamma'd

Facing a raise from the button to 700, Shawn Marion made the call from the big blind while enjoying a massage. The flop of was checked through to see the land on the turn and Marion follow it with a bet of 1,000.

Bringing Out the Stars

The WSOP Main Event often reaches beyond just poker players. Just a quick browse of half of the Blue section in the Amazon Room there's two faces that we were surprised to see peeking down at holecards. First, we spotted David Alan Grier.