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Ego and Poker: Identify and Defeat a Costly Inner Demon

Everyone has an ego, though some of us are better at controlling it than others. Learn how to avoid letting your ego negatively affect your poker game.

Loose-Aggressive Poker Strategy Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

A short guide to adopting a loose-aggressive (LAG) style in no-limit hold’em cash games or tournaments, with added tips for how to play against LAG players.

How to Play Top Pair, Bad Kicker Out of Position

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from a $5K WSOP event involving himself, Frank Kassela, and Jonathan Duhamel in which he gets value from out of position.

Open-Face Chinese Poker by Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier, Part 9: Focusing on Fantasyland

Continuing her "Open-Face Chinese No Mercy Little Guide," TonyBet Poker's Isabelle Mercier discusses getting to and staying in Fantasyland.

Reading Poker Tells Video: Long Looks At Hole Cards

Poker author Zachary Elwood ("Reading Poker Tells") discusses the possible significance of players taking more time than usual looking at their hole cards.

A Dynamic Three-Way Hand Deep in the PCA Main Event

Mo Nuwwarah breaks down one of the wildest hands of the 2016 PCA Main Event, a three-way affair involving a flopped top set and a runner-runner royal flush!

The Pain of a Poker Tournament Exit

Do you react badly after getting knocked out of a tourney? Gareth Chantler considers reasons why many of us do, and offers a solution for handling the pain.

Choosing the Check-Raise: Extracting Full Value on the River

Jonathan Little breaks down a hand from a World Poker Tour event in which he check-raises for value on the river after having turned a marginal two pair.

What Would You Do in These Aussie Million Final Table Hands?

Play along with the pros at the Aussie Millions in hands from the $100,000 Challenge, the $10,300 Main Event, and the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge.

You Might Play Poker as Badly As You Drive -- But How Can You Know?

Poker is like driving -- we tend to think we are decent at both, but how often do we receive meaningful feedback on how we play or drive (and use it)?

Facing a Check-Raise Deep in the Aussie Millions Main with Ari Engel

Late on Day 4 of the Aussie Millions Main Event, Ari Engel discusses a hand n which he faced a postflop check-raise holding top pair with a weak kicker.

Working to Win: The Business of Professional Poker

Poker pro Jason Bloom compares being a professional poker player to other types of employment that involve competition in the workplace.

Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 63: What Would Happen to a Chip Stack If a November Niner Died?

In a new Hold'em with Holloway, Managing Editor Chad Holloway looks at a substitution controversy that happened during the 2016 Aussie Millions.

How to Manage Your Poker Bankroll: Tips and Recommendations

Bankroll management is crucial for full-time players. Poker professional Andrew Moreno provides a list of guidelines for how to be smart with your bankroll.

Playing Suited Connectors from Position with Jonathan Little

In a video analysis, Jonathan Little examines an interesting hand from a $1K six-max tournament illustrating several ideas related to postflop strategy.

Folding Pocket Kings Before the Flop -- Could You Ever?

Folding pocket kings -- the second best hand in hold'em -- before the flop is a rare event. When it happens, it highlights many fundamentals of range reading.

Tommy Angelo Presents: Practice Makes Perfect

Tommy Angelo consults Sister Mary Malcolm, Vince Lombardi, and Buddha to examine whether or not practice really does make perfect.

Missing with Ace-King: Analyzing a Big Bluff in the PCA Main Event

Mo Nuwwarah takes a close look at a hand from the recently completed 2016 PCA Main Event featuring a well chosen spot for a postflop bluff-shove.

Strategy Vault: James “Andy McLEOD” Obst on Advice to Play “One Hand at a Time”

From the "Strategy Vault," James "Andy McLEOD" Obst explains why the advice to play "one hand at a time" isn't always the best approach to tournament poker.

Football, Poker, and the Challenge of Trying to Keep a Big Lead

NFL games that seem destined to be blowouts often get tight at the end. How does the situation resemble trying to keep a chip lead in a poker tournament?