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5 Online Poker Micro Stakes Tips to Win Every Time

Even winning at the lowest limits online -- a.k.a. "micros" -- can be a challenge, but follow these tips to increase your chances of success.

Reraising Instead of Calling: Randy “nanonoko” Lew Analyzes an EPT Grand Final Hand

Randy Lew is making a deep run in the EPT Grand Final at Monte Carlo. He spoke with us about a hand he chose to play aggressively back on Day 1.

Jonathan Little on Getting Your Chips in With Premium Hands

We want action with premium hands, but the challenge is to convince others to play against you. Jonathan Little analyzes a WSOP hand discussing this point.

Everybody Folds When You Finally Have a Big Hand? Here’s How to Fix It

Does everyone seem to fold when you pickup a premium starting hand? You might be raising too much or too infrequently, and thus giving away too much info.

How to Attack the WSOP, Part 8: Playing on

Players heading to Las Vegas for the 2016 World Series of Poker can also join the action, including the $1K online bracelet event starting July 8.

High Roller Strategy: Fedor Holz and Chance Kornuth Break Down Their Big €10K Hand

The €10K High Roller ended with Fedor Holz calling for his tourney life with queen-high versus Chance Kornuth. Hear both players discuss the hand.

Hand Analysis: An Excerpt from “Thinking Tournament Poker, Vol. 2” by Nate Meyvis

An excerpt from Nate Meyvis's new one "Thinking Tournament Poker, Volume 2" sharing a hand analysis from Day 2 of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Remembering Cards in Seven-Card Stud

Being able to recall upcards in seven-card stud is an invaluable skill to develop. Poker author Ashley Adams gives tips for improving your ability to do so.

When the Math is Close: Call or Fold Versus a Tough Pro?

Mo Nuwwarah reviews a decision whether or not to call or fold versus Ryan Tepen's reraise-shove of a short stack late in a WSOP Circuit event.

If You’re Not Bluffing, Then It’s Not Poker

"Sticky" opponents who seem never willing to fold might discourage you from ever bluffing. Don't let such players cause you to remove bluffs from your game.

Reading Poker Tells Video: Smiling and Laughing from Non-Aggressors

Zachary Elwood ("Reading Poker Tells," "Verbal Poker Tells") takes a look at the significance of players smiling or laughing when just checking or calling.

How to Play (and How Not to Play) Strong Hands Postflop

Jonathan Little analyzes a WSOP hand in that illustrates both how to get value when making strong hands after the flop and how *not* to play such hands.

Can You Know What Their Cards Are By the Way They Hold Their Eyes?

Reading other players' emotions has a lot to do with figuring out what they have and how they play. Test and improve your own emotion-reading ability.

How to Attack the WSOP, Part 7: It’s Not Just About the Bracelet Events

While the WSOP grabs the spotlight, there's a lot else happening in Las Vegas this summer for poker tournament players. Check out our recommendations.

When the Card That Improves Your Hand Isn’t Good for You

Sometimes in poker cards that improve your hand are actually bad for you, lessening your chances of extracting value from your strong holding.

Top Pair on a Dead Board and You Get Raised -- Shove, Call, or Fold?

An unusual spot just before the money bubble in a Mid-States Poker Tournament event presents a player three postflop choices -- shove, call, or fold.

Using Exposed Cards When Reading Hands in Seven-Card Stud

Want to get better at stud games? Learn how to use exposed and folded cards to help figure out your opponents' likely holdings and increase your profit.

Tommy Angelo Presents: Kay Knows Poker

Poker coach and author Tommy Angelo shares the wit and wisdom of his wife Kay, including the three perfect words every poker player needs to hear.

European Players’ Guide to the 2016 World Series of Poker

Heading from Europe to Las Vegas for this summer's World Series of Poker? Read this list of tips for European players making the trip to play the WSOP.

The Danger of Projecting Your Own Playing Style Onto Your Opponents

When trying to figure out others' ranges, do you instinctively project your own style or favored strategy onto your opponents? Don't get in your own way!