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Tag: Tournament Strategy

What’s in an Online Poker Name?

Matthew Pitt looks at online poker usernames and what they might reveal about the players behind them.

Seven Ways to Win Pots Without Making Hands

It's not always about the cards. Aaron Hendrix discusses seven moves that can win you chips without needing to have a legitimate hand at all.

Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 13: Knowing When to Call It Quits

PokerNews Senior Editor and WSOP bracelet winner Chad Holloway shares stories and strategies playing mid-limit poker in his series "Hold'em with Holloway."

Finding Folds Before and After the Flop with Pocket Jacks

Pocket jacks is a difficult hand in no-limit hold'em -- and one of the toughest to fold. But sometimes you have to let them go, as Neil Gibson explains.

Preflop Strategy: The Art of the Resteal

The resteal is an effective preflop move in no-limit hold'em tournaments. Learn the conditions for when restealing can help you accumulate needed chips.

How To Recognize (and Beat) the Unbluffable Player

Robert Woolley explains the different varieties of unbluffable players and how to recognize them -- and how to profit from them when you do.

Talking Poker: The Squeeze Play

In this entry of "Talking Poker," Kristy Arnett defines what a squeeze play is and offers some ideas about when to use it.

Consider Postflop Equity When Selecting Preflop Hands

While preflop decisions in no-limit hold'em might seem simple, the complexities of postflop play makes it important not to be too robotic with preflop play.

How to Spin Up a Short Stack in Multi-Table Tournaments

Avoiding becoming too short-stacked in a poker tournament is a primary goal, but when it does happen there are still ways to build back up and compete. Here are tips for playing 8-10 big blind stacks, 5-7 BB stacks, and stacks of 4 BB or less.

Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 12: Dealing with a Target on Your Back

Senior News Editor Chad Holloway talks about playing with his target on his back in a recent charity event at Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells.

Advice from Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald, Vol. 3: Unconventional Tips for Tilt Control

Poker pro and coach Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald returns with 13 unconventional tips for managing tilt control.

An Introduction to Bet-Timing Poker Tells

Zachary Elwood ("Reading Poker Tells," "Verbal Poker Tells") provides some advice about bet-timing tells and how they can sometimes reveal hand strength.

Understanding What It Means to Be “Pot Committed”

Being "pot committed" has to do with pot odds, your chances of winning a hand, and how the two compare. It's not an excuse to be loose!

Thinking Poker: Are Tournament Satellites Alchemy or Fool’s Gold?

Tournament satellites are often enticing to players looking for ways to play events with buy-ins above their bankroll. But are they always a smart option?

Five Tips for Hosting Your Holiday Home Game

The holidays mean more chances to reconnect with family and friends… and to enjoy a home game! Here are some tips for the hosts.

Playing After the Bubble in a Multi-Table Tournament

After the bubble bursts in a multi-table tournament, dynamics can change rapidly making it imperative to adjust as the tourney advances to the final table.

Which is Correct? Look at Your Cards Right Away or Wait Until Action Is On You?

Before the flop, do you look at your cards right away or wait until the action is on you? In fact, there are good arguments for both approaches.

Look Back on the Strategy, Not the Tragedy; or, Bad Beats Be Gone!

Poker player, coach, and author Tommy Angelo discusses with two of his characters a story about defining and dealing with bad beats.

Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 11: When Will You Finally Break Through?

Senior News Editor Chad Holloway examines the frustration that comes with not being able to break through in poker.

Plug Your Poker Leaks Before They Cause Serious Damage

Small, subtle leaks in your poker game can cause more damage than big, obvious ones as they're harder to identify and correct, as Matthew Pitt explains.