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Hand Analysis with Daniel Dvoress from the EPT Barcelona Main Event

Daniel Dvoress analyzes a hand he played during the EPT Barcelona Main Event which saw him bluffing from out of position after defending his big blind.

Thinking Through the WSOP Main Event with Andrew Brokos

Reviewing the latest of Andrew Brokos's "The Thinking Poker Diaries" in which he recounts his experiences playing the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Semi-Bluff Shoving: Do You Have Fold Equity?

A hand from the final table of a recent Mid-States Poker Tour event considers the value of raise-shoving a draw without having much (if any) fold equity.

How to Approach Your First Live Poker Tournament

For most players, their first live poker tournament comes after having played online or in a home game. Here are tips for how to approach that first one.

Live Players Transitioning to Online Poker: Don’t Make These Two Mistakes

Poker author Nathan Williams highlights two common mistakes live poker players make when moving over to the very different realm of online play.

Alec Torelli’s “Hand of the Day”: The Secret to Satellite Poker Tournaments

Alec Torelli analyzes a hand from a satellite sent in by a reader, taking into consideration how strategy differs when playing for a seat, not to win.

Tommy Angelo Presents: But It’s Not Gambling!

In a new "Tommy Angelo Presents," poker author and coach explains how the only way to prove that you can live a happy life as a poker pro is to do it.

Patrick “pads1161” Leonard on the Mental Game and Trapping Aggressive Players

U.K. poker pro Patrick “pads1161” Leonard discusses both the importance of the mental game and specific strategy for playing against aggressive opponents.

How to Play Against Tight Players with Isaac Haxton

Isaac Haxton shares tips for how to play against tight players both before and after the flop, including differences between cash games and tournaments.

Casino Poker for Beginners: Quirky House Rules

Sometimes the "house rules" in casino poker rooms can include some entirely unique to the venue. Robert Woolley covers some unusual ones he's encountered.

Five Challenges to Poker Productivity (and How to Overcome Them)

Dr. Tricia Cardner, author of "Positive Poker," identifies five challenges to being efficient with your poker learning and suggests ways to overcome them.

Game Flow: Consider Recent Hands Before Choosing a Line

When choosing a particular line in a given hand, consider recent hands and players' actions to determine how opponents might respond.

What Is Your “Very Particular Set of Skills” When it Comes to Poker?

Every poker player has certain things he or she does better than others. Have you stopped to consider what might be your "very particular set of skills"?

Road to the 2016 WSOP: Mental Toughness Will Be Key

Matthew Pitt shares an update from his 300-day challenge to build a bankroll with which to play the 2016 World Series of Poker, here focusing on developing mental toughness.

Casino Poker for Beginners: A Few Tipping Tips

Following up on his introduction to poker room personnel, Robert Woolley continues his "Casino Poker for Beginners" series with some tips about tipping.

Choosing a World Series of Poker Main Event Starting Day: Does It Matter?

Looking back at the last five years of WSOP Main Events, does playing Day 1a, 1b, or 1c matter when it comes to building stacks -- or just surviving?

Alec Torelli’s “Hand of the Day”: I Flopped a Monster Draw, Now What?

In a new "Hand of the Day," Alec Torelli discusses a tricky decision from a turbo tournament in which a reader flops a huge draw in a multi-way pot.

Relative Hand Strength: Ignoring the Signs That Your Aces Are No Good

A hand from a recent PokerStars Pro Tour event highlights a lesson about understanding when your aces are no longer strong, relatively speaking.

Hand Histories: Gold-Wasicka-Binger, Three-Handed at the 2006 WSOP Main Event Final Table

On this date in 2006 came a memorable WSOP hand involving Jamie Gold, Paul Wasicka & Michael Binger -- and an incredibly challenging call-or-fold decision.

Talking Poker: Hand-for-Hand

This week's "Talking Poker" discusses "hand-for-hand" play in tournaments with a look back at the crazy bubble at last year's EPT Barcelona Main Event.