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Five Tips to Stay Balanced at the World Series of Poker

Poker pro and popular Twitch streamer Evan Jarvis shares five concrete ways to keep level-headed at the WSOP so you can play your best and enjoy yourself.

What Not to Do: I Make a Severe Blunder in a WSOP Hand

Sometimes we can learn just as much from badly-played hands as we can the ones we play well, as Jonathan Little shows by analyzing this WSOP hand.

Playing the Colossus? Structure Changes to Early Levels Make Fast Start Crucial

Playing the Colossus or other low buy-in events at the 2016 WSOP? Structures have changed, meaning you'll have to get involved and start chipping up early.

Thinking of a Seniors Event? Tips to Make it Fun and Profitable

Seniors events provide opportunities for fun (& potentially profitable) experiences for those who qualify. They also present specific strategic challenges.

Getting Check-Raised with Pocket Aces on a King-High Board

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from last year's WSOP in which he has pocket aces, the board is king-high on the turn, and his opponent check-raises big.

How to Attack the WSOP, Part 10: The Main Event

Concluding our 10-part "How to Attack the WSOP" series, some advice regarding preparing for poker's ultimate tournament, the WSOP Main Event.

Seven-Card Stud Tips for Every Street

Even a small edge in stud games can give you a big advantage. Follow these seven-card stud tips for each street and improve your profits.

Value Betting the River Following a Tricky Betting Line

Jonathan Little breaks down a hand from last summer's $1,111 Little One for One Drop in which his opponent chooses to play fancy with a strong holding.

How to Attack the WSOP, Part 9: Outside the No-Limit Hold'em Box

Among the 69 events on the 2016 World Series of Poker schedule are a number of non-NLHE offerings for lovers of limit and mixed game formats.

Jonathan Little on Getting Your Chips in With Premium Hands

We want action with premium hands, but the challenge is to convince others to play against you. Jonathan Little analyzes a WSOP hand discussing this point.

How to Attack the WSOP, Part 8: Playing on

Players heading to Las Vegas for the 2016 World Series of Poker can also join the action, including the $1K online bracelet event starting July 8.

Reading Poker Tells Video: Smiling and Laughing from Non-Aggressors

Zachary Elwood ("Reading Poker Tells," "Verbal Poker Tells") takes a look at the significance of players smiling or laughing when just checking or calling.

How to Play (and How Not to Play) Strong Hands Postflop

Jonathan Little analyzes a WSOP hand in that illustrates both how to get value when making strong hands after the flop and how *not* to play such hands.

How to Attack the WSOP, Part 7: It’s Not Just About the Bracelet Events

While the WSOP grabs the spotlight, there's a lot else happening in Las Vegas this summer for poker tournament players. Check out our recommendations.

Using Exposed Cards When Reading Hands in Seven-Card Stud

Want to get better at stud games? Learn how to use exposed and folded cards to help figure out your opponents' likely holdings and increase your profit.

European Players’ Guide to the 2016 World Series of Poker

Heading from Europe to Las Vegas for this summer's World Series of Poker? Read this list of tips for European players making the trip to play the WSOP.

Extracting Value After Turning Top Two Pair in a Multi-Way Pot

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from a $1,500 event from last year's WSOP in which he seeks to extract value after turning top two pair in a multi-way pot.

How to Attack the WSOP, Part 6: Make the Colossus Your Main Event

The $565 buy-in "Colossus" is back at the WSOP this summer, providing thousands a chance to take their shot at a lower buy-in "main event."

“Top Top”: Going Deep More Than Once In the WSOP Main Event

Darrel Plant sorts out how many players have made the top 100 of the WSOP Main Event more than once during the post-Moneymaker era (2004-2015).

Jonathan Little Finds a Fold After a Bad River Card

Jonathan Little analyzes a WSOP hand in which he flops top pair, top kicker, turns the nut flush draw, then has to fold after a bad river card comes.