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Strategy Vault: Shootout Strategy at the World Series of Poker

From the Strategy Vault, pros give advice for how best to approach shootout events at the World Series of Poker.

Don't Try This At Home: Michael Mizrachi's Take on Poker Strategy

With $14.8 million in tournament winnings, Michael Mizrachi is doing something right. But how does he do it? "The Grinder" shares some ideas with PokerNews.

Jonathan Little Turns the Nuts and Slow Plays, and Trouble Follows

Sometimes slow playing is the best way to get value with strong hands, but it can cause problems, too, as Jonathan Little shows in a WSOP Main Event hand.

The Pros and Cons of Late Registration With the WPT's Tony Dunst

Some tournament pros often register late, while others avoid doing so at all costs. Tony Dunst breaks down the good and the bad of starting tourneys late.

Hand Analysis with Stream Team Member and New WSOP Bracelet Winner Chase Bianchi

Chase Bianchi just joined the PokerNews Twitch Stream Team, and soon after won his first WSOP bracelet. He analyzes a key hand from deep in his run.

Make Razz Great Again, with Adam Owen and Ian Shaw

Razz is a much-maligned, underrated poker variant. But it's a game that rewards skill, and teaches a lot about poker, too, says Adam Owen and Ian Shaw.

How to Extract Value? Flopping Top Set in a Five-Bet Pot

Jonathan Little reviews a hand from the WSOP Main Event in which he flopped a set of aces, then tries (and in his view, fails) to maximize value thereafter.

Top Tweeting Tips from the WSOP's Social Media Czar

The World Series of Poker's new "Social Media Czar" and longtime helpful resource to the poker community Kevin "Kevmath" Mathers gives his top Twitter tips.

Dominik Nitsche on Adjusting for Heads-Up Play

Dominik Nitsche, winner of more than $6.2 million in tournaments and three WSOP bracelets, discusses heads-up no-limit hold'em strategy.

A Preparation Guide for Live Poker Tournaments

Poker pro and coach Evan "Gripsed" Jarvis provides a multi-point video guide to help players prepare for live tournaments.

WSOP Strategy: The Keys to Success, Part 1 -- Food for Thought

Where can WSOP players get their ramen fix? What's the most GTO Thai nearby? Sushi? Here's where to go for food and fun on those dinner breaks.

Check-Raise Bluffing a Loose-Aggressive Opponent at the WSOP

Sometimes the right response to aggression is to be aggressive yourself. Jonathan Little analyzes a WSOP hand in which he found it needful to fight back.

“One of the Purest Forms of Poker”: Jason Mercier on Improving Your Reads in 2-7 NL Draw

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier talks strategy for what he considers "one of the purest forms of poker," deuce-to-seven no-limit single draw.

PokerNews Book Review: Thinking Tournament Poker, Volume 2 by Nate Meyvis

A review of PokerNews Strategy contributor Nate Meyvis's newest strategy book, "Thinking Tournament Poker, Volume 2."

The Monster Lives! Strategy Advice for the Colossus II

The 2016 WSOP gets started in earnest this week with the $565 buy-in Colossus II. A collection of strategy advice for the WSOP summer's biggest sequel.

Three Key Ingredients to Winning No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments

Poker pro and coach Evan Jarvis discusses key differences between tournaments and cash games, highlighting three key ideas to orient your approach to MTTs.

Call or Shove? Jonathan Little Flops Huge in Multi-Way, Three-Bet Pot

Poker pro Jonathan Little reviews a hand from last summer's WSOP in which he flopped big in a multi-way pot and had to decide whether to play fast or slow.

Five Tips to Stay Balanced at the World Series of Poker

Poker pro and popular Twitch streamer Evan Jarvis shares five concrete ways to keep level-headed at the WSOP so you can play your best and enjoy yourself.

What Not to Do: I Make a Severe Blunder in a WSOP Hand

Sometimes we can learn just as much from badly-played hands as we can the ones we play well, as Jonathan Little shows by analyzing this WSOP hand.

Playing the Colossus? Structure Changes to Early Levels Make Fast Start Crucial

Playing the Colossus or other low buy-in events at the 2016 WSOP? Structures have changed, meaning you'll have to get involved and start chipping up early.