All The Latest News from the 2015 WSOP
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All The Latest News from the 2015 WSOP


  • FantasyWired Podcast 6/3/15: Uber, Ultra, Contrarian Play

    Matt is reaching deep today for an uber, ultra, contrarian pitcher. 

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  • Remko Report Episode #15: Jason Wheeler

    Recent WPT Amsterdam high roller champion Jason Wheeler joins the program to talk about his humble beginnings, hustling his way through the business world, discovering poker, and more. 

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  • FantasyWired Podcast 6/2/15: Meet the Mets

    Stack the Mets? Brett and Matt have their eyes on the Metropolitans out in Petco Park. 

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  • PokerNews Podcast Episode #298: Annie Up

    Remko, Jason, and Donnie award a swag bag to a fan, discuss the Colossus payout debacle, and brainstorm new tournament ideas to replace pot-limit hold’em. Donnie also has a special gift for Jason, which spawns an idea for a new sponsor. 

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  • FantasyWired Podcast 6/1/15: Kershaw vs. Coors

    Clayton Kershaw is the definition of an ace, but can he overcome the thin air at Coors Field? Matt and Brett discuss. 

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