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2015 World Poker Tour UK Main Event Day 3: Chi Zhang Leads the Final 18, Mizrachi Out

Chi Zhang leads the final 18 players after Day 3 of the 2015 World Poker Tour UK Main Event.

Lightbourne Sends Mizrachi Home

Earlier today, Iaron Lightbourne got very lucky against Michael Mizrachi when his ace-king beat Mizrachi's ace-king.

Lightbourne Gets Lucky Versus Mizrachi

A brief raising war between Iaron Lightbourne in the small blind and Michael Mizrachi in the big blind sees Lightbourne push all-in for 175,000 and Mizrachi instantly called. Lightbourne shows and Mizrachi the .

Mizrachi Finds Top Pair

On a board reading , Jamie O'Connor checked from the big blind and then called when Michael Mizrachi bet 20,000 from his seat under the gun.

Mizrachi Has Baccarat

There has been some good banter over on Michael Mizrachi's table between him and Chin Chai Koh. Koh had raised to 8,500 from middle position and Mizrachi three-bet to 20,000. "I have baccarat," said Mizrachi.

Ten Are Good For Daniel

Daniel Adam led from middle position for 7,000 on the flop and was quickly called by Michael Mizrachi on the button. Adam then check-called a 7,000 bet on the turn and a 10,000 bet on the river.

Mizrachi Wins an Early Pot

Jamie O'Connor was the first to act and he raised to 8,000 from the hijack.

2015 World Poker Tour UK Main Event Day 2: Paul Dando Leads, Michael Mizrachi Fifth

Paul Dando leads after Day 2 of the 2015 partypoker World Poker Tour UK Main Event, with Michael Mizrachi in fifth place.

Deadman Takes on Mizrachi

From early position, Daniel Parsonage made it 5,500 to go, a bet that Simon Deadman three-bet to 13,000 from the next seat along.

Dando Claims the Lead

Paul Dando looks to have claimed the chip lead as the second level of the day rapidly approaches its end.

The Rich Get Richer

As the number of remaining players slowly descends away from treble to double digits, it appears that the rich have grown richer.

Mizrachi Wins a Flip to Bust Romanello

Anthony Romanello has bust at the hands of the seemingly unstoppable Michael Mizrachi. Craig Varnell raised to 2,700 from the hijack, Mizrachi called from the cutoff and Romanello squeezed all-in from the button.

2015 World Poker Tour UK Main Event Day 1b: Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi Leads

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi ended Day 1b of the 2015 World Poker Tour UK Main Event as chip leader.

Chattaway and Mizrachi Flying High

As the tenth and final level rapidly approaches completion, both William Chattaway and Michael Mizrachi find themselves in the envious position of have oodles of chips in front of them.

Michael Mizrachi Eliminated in Fourth Place (£30,000)

Michael Mizrachi tried but failed to stop the rot and is now on the sidelines. Mian Wei was his executioner, his catching a queen on the river to beat Mizrachi's and the £250,000 Guaranteed High Roller is now three-handed.

Mizrachi on the Slide

Things aren't going great for Michael Mizrachi at the moment and he needs to do something to halt the slide. He lost a big pot when he led for 35,000 from the small blind on a flop and Steven Warburton called from under the gun.

William Chattaway Eliminated in Sixth Place (£10,000)

Billy Chattaway is the first in-the-money player, busting in sixth place.

Nice Call By Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi just made a solid call in a hand with Daniel McAulay. The latter bet 53,000 on the river of the board and Mizrachi went deep into the tank before emerging with a call.

Big Pot Goes Mizrachi's Way

Michael Mizrachi opened to 17,000 from the cutoff and Steven Warburton called from the big blind. A flop saw Warburton check-call a 20,000 bet from Mizrachi.