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Tag: michael mizrachi

Mizrachi Doubles Through Hansen

It was only a matter of time before Gus Hansen and Michael Mizrachi tangled. With the latter only having 10,000 in chips left, it was an easy shove holding and an easy call for Hansen holding .

Mizrachi Takes Most

Omaha 8 We arrived at the table in time to find Andrey Zaichenko and Michael Mizrachi take a flop with a third player already all in and at risk. The dealer fanned and both active players checked to the turn.

Mizrachi Over Zaichenko

Limit Hold'em The board read when we found Michael Mizrachi and Andrey Zaichenko engaged in a hand. Zaichenko checked the turn and Mizrachi fired out a bet. Zaichenko called and the completed the board on the river.

Mizrachi Busts

Michael Mizrachi has busted from the Little One for One Drop. His was no match for the of his opponent, despite him flopping an eight on the flop.

Somerville Silenced by Koon

Michael Mizrachi opened to 12,500, but without realizing Mizrachi had raised, Jason Koon tossed in a blue 25,000-denomination chip from the button and announced 16,000.

One for Sippl

Shannon Shorr raised to 1,000 from the hijack and Michael Mizrachi, Zsolt Szabo, Roger Sippl and Jason Koon all made the call to see a flop. Shorr continued for 1,800 and only Sippl called as both players checked the on the turn.

No Three-Peat for the Grinder

Razz Back in 2010, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi topped a field of 116 players to win this very event for $1,276,806.

Mizrachi Needs a Few More

Stud We caught the action on fifth street when Michael Mizrachi caught a pair of kings up and bet. Scott Seiver made the call and on sixth Mizrachi bet again.

Short and Shoving

Pot-Limit Omaha Two-time Poker Players Championship winner Michael Mizrachi got short and shipped it in on a flop against three opponents. None called and the grind back began for Mizrachi.

Hellmuth Finally Succumbs

Pot-Limit Omaha Phil Hellmuth was doing his best to claw his way back into contention here in Event #46: $50,000 Poker Players' Championship, but a big pot-limit Omaha hand put an end to his comeback.

Hellmuth Isn't Going Down Without a Fight

No-Limit Hold'em Action folded around to a short-stacked Phil Hellmuth on the button and he raised to 4,000. Melissa Burr folded from the small blind, and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi defended from the big.

Mizrachi Owns Hellmuth

Pot-Limit Omaha Phil Hellmuth wouldn't stop talking about how Michael Mizrachi seems to be beating him in every hand he plays. However, he suddenly got quiet when he opened up with a raise to 2,500 in PLO.

Rough Start for the Poker Brat

Razz When it comes to razz, 13-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth has proven he knows what he is doing.

Eight Players to Watch at the $50,000 Poker Players Championship

Who are some of the most feared mixed-games players at the $50,000 Poker Players Championship? We asked some of the top pros in the game.

WSOP What to Watch For: Glantz Early Pace-Setter in $50K Poker Players Championship

Four events are in action today at the 2014 WSOP, including the continuation of the $50K Poker Players Championship currently led by Matt Glantz.

"Grinder" Takes it on the River

Pot-Limit Omaha Brian Rast bet 5,600 into Michael Mizrachi and Philip Sternheimer on a board, and both players called. On the river, Rast checked and "The Grinder" fired 25,000.

Laying Down the Sternheimer

Pot-Limit Omaha With around 20,000 in the pot and a board reading , Michael Mizrachi checked from the small blind and Jesse Martin did the same from the big.

Mizrachi Calls Ivey

Razz Michael Mizrachi called a bet from Phil Ivey on sixth street in a recent razz pot. Mizrachi: / Ivey: / On the river, Ivey bet again, and Mizrachi thought for about 30 seconds before tossing out a call.

Rast Over Mizrachi

Stud 8 Rast: / / Mizrachi: / / Brian Rast completed and Michael Mizrachi made it two bets from the next seat over. Action folded back around to Rast and he called. Rast checked fourth and Mizrachi continued out.

Rapid Reaction: Robert Mizrachi Wins 2nd Bracelet in Dealer's Choice Debut

Robert Mizrachi won the inaugural Dealer's Choice event at the WSOP to claim his second bracelet. Find out what it means in the latest Rapid Reaction.